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ZetaTalk: Betty Hill
Note: written on Dec 15, 1995

An early and significant visitation was one familiar to the populace, known as the Betty and Barney Hill incident. This made the headlines before the alien presence became an increasing threat to the establishment, and thus was reported as relayed by the contactee, and not as wished by the spin doctors. Thus, what was reported stands as true facts and not a distortion.

This couple was chosen specifically for this contact, which we in the Service-to-Others orientation anticipated would get reported and reported faithfully. Such was the nature of Betty Hill, that she would be able to put aside her emotions and shock, and register details. She did not disappoint those who were counting on her. Secondarily, the couple was chosen because they had a racially mixed marriage, and we wished to make the statement that all humans are viewed equally in our eyes. Betty and Barney Hill had given The Call, in no uncertain terms, due to their concerns about world trends, racial harmony, and their desire to see the future be without the discrimination that plunged like a knife into their lives, unremittingly. This was, in truth, more Betty's agenda than Barney's, but in his heart he was in full compliance, and the rest of him followed Betty's lead. The accurate depiction of the constellations allowed a curious mankind to correctly identify our star system of origin. Thus, the name Zeta was ascribed to us, to which we willingly answer.

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