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ZetaTalk: False Memory
Note: written on Jan 15, 1996

When visitations are recorded only in the subconscious, as all are now, there are various means by which contactees develop recall - during meditation, while drifting in and out of sleep, under hypnosis, or due to flash connection to some current event. Many contactees use a number of these avenues, quite naturally, and without even knowing the proper term for the practice.

Contactees may flip through a magazine, come upon an article about visitation, complete with sketches of aliens, ships, and procedures, and find themselves dealing with a new memory of similar circumstances. Was the memory placed there, suggested by the article? Contactees may also find themselves day dreaming, with remarkable clarity, or waking from dreams with a sharp sense that the drama was not just a dream, and do their best to return to these states, to meditate and uncover more of the drama. Are these just dreams, the imagination, and is the contactee just building a fantasy? Contactees may discover scars or marks on their bodies, or experience missing time, and determine to uncover the story by shelling out good money to a professional hypnotist. Does the hypnotist suggest scenarios to the contactee while in a trance, and create a false memory?

The truth of these matters rests with several factors, and can never be conclusively proven. All humans create false memories for themselves, enhancing what makes them feel good about themselves and forgetting the embarrassments. The validity of a contactee's recall should be judged, as with any memory, on the following.

Contactees who tell their story to hasten and help the Awakening are almost always characterized by their quiet demeanor, their serious intent, and an original reluctance to draw attention to themselves.

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