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ZetaTalk: Mixed Feelings
Note: written on Apr 15, 1996

Often reported by some contact therapists and dramatized in the media is the frightened contactee, who in all cases must have given The Call and be a willing participant in what is unfolding, screaming, running, hiding, and in general exhibiting all the characteristics of a trapped animal in a state of panic. What's going on here? Have these contactees changed their minds, and can they back out at the last minute? As we have stated elsewhere, a human who gives The Call can end a visitation at any point. They are in control.

What is occurring is mixed feelings, a very common and almost everyday situation for most humans. Look to the moment when a young person is about to lose their virginity, or ask for another's hand in marriage, or begin an important job interview, or go off the high dive for the first time, or eat fish eggs or snails for the first time, or go to the dentist for the yearly checkup, or find the onset of labor with the wanted child beginning, or sign on the dotted line to purchase a car, or get on an airplane once again, or invite the in-laws over for dinner, or get their hair cut radically short - are these not moments exhibiting mixed feelings? Some would-be contactees flirt with contact, reaching out, hoping for contact, but draw back. They wish to be in contact, but put a toe in the water and jerk it right back out. Of course it’s upsetting. Of course they can’t anticipate what they are going to encounter. But they won’t be destroyed. They will come back whole. The worst that can happen is that they will have some new concepts.

Contactees exhibiting fear of contact are not stating they wish for the visitation to end. If this were truly the case, it would end, promptly. They are simply stating that they are nervous about some aspect of the visitation. They are chatting with aliens, a presence those in authority have refused to even acknowledge. They are going off with strangers, something their mother told them never to do. They are going in alone, and for many humans, who wouldn't even venture to the local bar without companions, this in and of itself is a big step. They are anticipating mild physical discomfort, if they are a volunteer in the hybrid program. And they may have requested frank information on the Transformation but be anticipating, correctly, that this will not be sugar coated. All very understandable - just mixed feelings.

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