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ZetaTalk: Black Box
Note: written on Apr 15, 1996

Many contactees recall being presented with a black box or similar object, and being told they will know what to do with it when the time comes. They feel they know what this means, down deep, but try as they may are unable to connect the meaning to their conscious thoughts. This is because they have agreed, in conference with the Service-to-Other aliens they are in contact with, that dealing consciously with this knowledge would be upsetting, and there is no necessity to remember until the moment to act has arrived. What will this activity be?

During the coming Earth cataclysms, all life, everywhere on the globe, will be operating in crisis mode. From the lowliest crab on the ocean floor finding the floor turning hot and the waters cloudy with particles in turmoil, to the birds in flight finding themselves unable to direct their flight in torquing winds that literally tear their open wings off, to rodents finding their hovels collapsing on them but a battering rain of tiny hail stones when they go out in the open - all life will be in crisis mode. At this moment, prepared or unprepared, humans will also be in crisis mode. They may have prepared, and in truth come through unscathed because of this, but during the hour or so when the pole shift is occurring they will surely be in a state of panic. For those humans who have not prepared, the expression of their panic can range from catatonic paralysis to perpetual ineffective motion.

Many contactees, operating in the Service-to-Others mode and wishing to stay by the side of their loved ones, have chosen a role for themselves which cannot be implemented until the time comes. They are prepared, but have wisely chosen not to dwell on it in the short time left, as it would serve no purpose.

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