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ZetaTalk: Contactee Creativity
Note: written on Apr 15, 1996

Creativity is variously described as the ability to think outside the bounds constraining others, the ability to include what would normally be considered unrelated information, and forming the diverse parts into a unique pattern or solution. Fresh, unique, clever, bold, or revolutionary are terms applied to creative thinking. Some humans are born with what seems to be native creativity, and even as toddlers seem to find solutions for problems that stymie others. Indeed, brain chemistry is a factor in creativity, as the capacity to sustain activation in many parts of the brain increases the bridging, the association between concepts, that is the basis of thought. It has long been recognized that bi-polar, or manic-depressive individuals are almost routinely creative, a factor of their highly active mental capacities. A non-creative individual, faced with having to cross a river without a bridge or boat at hand, might conclude that wading or swimming is the only option and promptly get wet, whereas their creative counterpart might test the water's depth and force of flow and devise stilts from nearby saplings.

Contactees are frequently discovered to be developing creativity, seemingly as a result of their visitations. In these instances there is no change in their brain chemistry. What is occurring is an attitude change, the breaking down of boundaries, the mind stretching to consider many possibilities, a broadening of the contactee's vistas so that they encompass a wider range of possibilities in their everyday thoughts while in human society - a visitation perk.

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