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ZetaTalk: Special Friend
Note: written on Apr 15, 1996

Contactees almost invariably feel a special affinity for the alien routinely conducting the visits. If the contactee is a male, he feels perhaps his alien contact is a female, and if the contactee is a female, that the alien contact exhibits male qualities, and children describe their alien contact as a playmate. Are aliens being lined up with the sex and age of contactees? What is in fact occurring is a perception on the part of the contactee that their alien contact is sensitive to their interests, their vulnerabilities, and the role they are used to playing when with others.

A man may wish to be open and emotional during the visit, a side of himself he would only display to a female companion in human society, and thus conclude that he has been talking to a woman when he finds himself unburdening to what is a sensitive and receptive listener. A woman may be feeling vulnerable, especially if participating in the hybrid program and allowing herself to become, however temporarily, pregnant. In human society she would be looking to a protective male at such times, and want her future child to be safe and secure under a paternal wing. Thus, when she receives reassurance from her alien contact, she assumes that she has been visited by a male. And likewise, a child used to finding a playful spirit only among other humans his own age will conclude that his playful alien contact must have been a child.

Contactees in fact do not have a special friend, they are in contact with a team. In some cases these teams encompass hundreds of visiting entities contacting as many humans on an ongoing basis. Information on contactees is shared among the team, as many activities are ongoing and extensively interrelated with the activities of other contactees the group visits and even activities being coordinated by other alien teams. Thus, the special friend is in reality a sensitive and caring group.

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