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ZetaTalk: Life Form Orientations
Note: written on May 15, 1996

A small number of contactees, those who we anticipate will act as a catalyst during the Awakening, are shown lineups of alien life forms. There are many planets, many worlds, with similar physical components. Lifeforms with similar DNA, such that the contactee can breathe the same air. The contactee might not fare that well on their worlds, but he would certainly not die instantly. And thus he is allowed to be in the same vicinity as the lifeforms being presented, to speak to them, and to begin to integrate the concept of being what some have termed a galactic citizen. This gradual orientation, which is done in stages so as not to overwhelm the contactee, usually progresses from hominoid lifeforms to lifeforms humans have never encountered on Earth. In between are reptilian lifeforms or water creatures such as a jellyfish or an octopus.

Our emissary, Nancy, has been presented with such lineups, and relayed these experiences in her own words within ZetaTalk. The contactee may or may not consciously remember these orientation sessions, depending on how actively they seek to establish recall. Nevertheless, they are oriented, and when an opportunity to communicate their understanding arises are quick to help their fellows to a broader view. Invariably, there is initial shock at the wide variety of intelligent lifeforms.

Humans tend to get through the lineup of hominoids with little trouble, become stunned when they first encounter lifeforms not known on Earth, and progress to a tolerance for almost anything thereafter. When contactees begin to allow themselves to recall these presentations, they usually start with images they find acceptable. This can lead to confusion, when hominoids are in the lineup, due to different rules or protocols in the different cultures. For instance, a hominoid from another world might mimic each expression on the contactees face, and this be taken as mocking, where on the world the visiting hominoid came from to do less than this indicates a lack of sympathy for the emotion felt by the other, an insult. This would be similar to protocol in Asia where deeply bowing to each other from the waist is the norm, as a courtesy, and to not do so is considered an insult.

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