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ZetaTalk: Blocking
Note: written on Aug 15, 1996

Many contactees find that, try as they may, they cannot recall their visitations as other contactees seem to do. All manner of attempts, including professional hypnosis, will be tried to no avail. What's going on here? In human society, and in particular in many contactee's lives, there is a conflict about the alien presence and thus there can be a conflict within the contactee. Does the spouse believe that man is not alone and is being visited by beings from other worlds? Is the employer ultra-conservative, such that a slip of the tongue in the coffee room will place doubts in the employer's mind about the contactee's promotability? Is the family supportive, the friends accepting, or will the contactee find they are increasingly treated as an eccentric and left out of social plans.

Where the contactee fears repercussions in his life he will tend to block. The mind is aware of these blockages, as it has put them there, and thus can effectively resist attempts to get around them. In effect, the block is the result of the total mind-set of the contactee, and this conclusion will not be gotten around by a part of the mind desiring recall. As with amnesia or coma or just plain forgetfulness, that which the total mind-set cannot deal with will tend to be pushed aside. In order to achieve recall, then, the contactee must make changes in their life so that recall is not a threat. Most find this difficult, especially if family or a job or the marital situation is the problem.

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