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ZetaTalk: Contactee Modification
Note: written on Aug 15, 1996

Increasingly contactees wishing a role in the Earth's Transformation will receive an assist in the form of genetic changes. They will be modified. Just as humans have discovered they can increase the yield of tomato plants or create pollution eating bacteria by manipulating DNA, visitors who have been given The Call by their contactees asking for this type of assistance may receive it. What does this entail? Will the contactee grow a third eye, turn green, or begin levitating at will? Contactee modification is always such that human society cannot determine that anything at all has happened. It is transparent to the society the contactee lives within, and neither the spouse, the family, the co-workers, or those passing on the street would ever guess that a change has occurred.

Contactee modification covers a wide range of contactee requests, and therefore a wide range of modifications can occur. Perhaps the contactee is fearful, and finds the tendency of their mind and body to interfere with their resolve an annoyance. They wish to be rid of the acid stomach, the weak knees, the distracted mind. For a modification to occur, this wish must have a basis in Service-to-Other motivations, or the modification would never be considered. The fear-ridden contactee wants less distraction in order to confront injustice, not because they wish attention as a skydiver.

Modifications are such that the contactee alone senses that something is different. They are, at least subconsciously, aware of being annoyed with some aspect of their physical body. They are aware of their intentions. When they find their physical reactions less intrusive, and that they have an ability to proceed, they sense that they are somehow different. Perhaps they are sick less often, less plagued by allergies, less likely to overeat or eat the wrong foods as their appetite is surprisingly controllable, need less sleep, can concentrate better, are calm in a crisis, can deal with pain without losing control, have more stamina, can hear with more clarity, are more telepathic or find they can read others more effectively, or simply are more organized and determined. Since these effects can happen normally to humans, not being out of the range of possibility, no one but the contactee understands what has in fact occurred. They have been modified, per their request.

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