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ZetaTalk: Plasma Ships
Note: written on Sep 15, 1996

Among the false reports of UFO sightings are those that report glowing ships, termed plasma ships. The implication is that these ships are alive, throbbing, and the occupants flowing about within as though swimming in light. The concept of a plasma ship is illogical, as beings in light form do not need ships. And why would an object in light form need to assume the shape of a ship? These reported sightings are false, designed only to increase interest in the local shops and hotels, and the supposed documentation supporting these sightings is one of the easiest hoaxes to arrange. Physical objects filmed or video taped are scrutinized as to shadow, perspective, relative size, color variances, and texture so that fraud is quickly revealed. Films of light forms which stand alone against a dark background are not subject to such scrutiny, and thus the fraud can run longer.

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