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ZetaTalk: Alternate Realities
Note: written on Sep 15, 1996

Contactees, regardless of their conscious awareness of their status, find themselves in a puzzling world. Human society has scarcely become comfortable with the concept of telepathy, ridiculing those who claim this form of communication exists even when proven in a controlled laboratory setting. The concept of spirits, such as ghosts or reincarnation or possession, is considered in the realm of tales rather than the reporting of fact, especially as spirits leave no mark or footprints. What cannot be physically restrained does not exist, in the minds of many, so brain waves or spirit forms are speculative. Where does this leave the contactee, who in many cases has begun to have Out Of Body experiences to cloud the picture as well? Contactees who have not yet realized their status, or who have not yet sorted out memories from the spirit from memories stored in the corporeal mind, can be highly confused.

However, when the contactee adjusts to the concept of spirit forms that can move in and out of corporeal bodies, and visitations that can occur soul-to-soul while the soul of the contactee is incarnated or out and about during an Out-Of-Body, then they invariably develop the ability to differentiate these experiences. In general, telepathically gathered information is limited in its scope, relaying a single concept or picture. Information gathered during an Out-Of-Body is comprehensive, but the corporeal mind will digest what it learns from the returning spirit in stages, so that the bottom line is learned first and the details filter in later. Subconscious memories of visitations play out during recall with full sound and color, as you say, so that the memory unfolds like a movie. Thus an experienced contactee who has sorted out the alternate realities finds their life no more confusing than a shopper discovering clothing on the racks from different countries and in different styles. After awhile, it all seems quite normal.

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