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ZetaTalk: Eye to Eye

Note: written on Oct 15, 1996

Many contactees have reported that we, the Zetas, have gone eye-to-eye with them during a visitation, and have wondered why this was necessary. Doesn't telepathy communicate ideas more effectively? What does looking deeply into the eyes accomplish?

Just as reading an aura tells the reader much about the physiology of the human, just so reading the eyes conveys much. The Zetas have huge eyes, in comparison to human eyes, but this does not mean that we see that much more than humans. We see differently. Our large eyes developed in what humans would consider dark conditions, just as Earth creatures who operate at night have large eyes. We make much of what little light we garner, but likewise our eyes can be overwhelmed by too much light. Human doctors peek at the retina to determine illness, as for instance the retina is the first to display the fact that hardening of the arteries has begun. We Zetas likewise take advantage of this handy barometer, reading what we can of the human contactees physical condition - through the eyes.

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