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ZetaTalk: Brain Buzz
Note: written on Nov 15, 1996

Implants are reported to cause lumps under the skin, bleeding from the nose, tingling when separated from the surface nerves that have grown around them, and a general sense of relief from intrusion and invasion when removed. All of these symptoms would be true of any foreign object in the body, which would be a detectable lump, cause bleeding at the still healing entry point, require cut nerves for removal if nerves have grown around it, and weigh on the mind, especially if conscious awareness of the implant's purpose was not established. Unique to alien implants is their capacity to cause what many contactees describe as a jolt or buzz in the brain, a sensation they cannot biologically reconcile. Some contactees seek medical advice, convinced they have a brain tumor or, if they experience a momentary loss of muscular control, perhaps epilepsy. Combined with the ear problems many contactees experience, many also suspect a disease of the inner ear, and run repeatedly to this specialist or that, seeking an explanation. What causes the jolt or buzz, and what purpose does it serve?

Implants, as we have explained, are locating devices, allowing the contactee to be quickly located prior to a visitation. The devices respond to a signal sent in all directions, an answering call. To generate the signal, the implant utilizes the nervous system, which operates by electrical impulses of a sort, and thus is detectable to the contactee. A temporary disruption of local nerve traffic, along with a local reaction to the strength of the signal sent through brain, bone, and muscle. Within a dead body, the implant would not respond to the locating signal, thus informing the visitors, who in any case eventually learn of the death of their contactee via spiritual routes. Implants also respond with a unique signal, generated from the DNA of the contactee, so that the implant response confirms not only that the contactee is alive but that the implant is still located within the proper body. Thus, when contactees experience a jolt or buzz in the brain, they should not be alarmed. All is working as intended, and what they are experiencing confirms their link to the visitors they have asked to meet.

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