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ZetaTalk: Allergies
Note: written on Feb 15, 1997

Being allergy prone is a common trait among those who claim to be contactees. This is not altogether incorrect, as there is a tendency for contactees to have allergies, but the reason ascribed is not the real reason for the allergies. Allergic reactions are very much under the influence of one's mental state, caused as they are by a heightened immune system reaction where the body is hyper-alert as it were. Nervous tension makes allergies worse, as any asthma sufferer will attest. Tense situation = asthma attack. Some allergy prone individuals break out in hives during tense situations, a direct one-to-one correlation. Likewise many allergy sufferers report that their allergies simply go away when a situation they have been dealing with resolves and their nervous tension is reduced.

Contactees are certainly dealing with tense situations. Not only is the visit itself strange and a bit unnerving, but the situation on the home front is in most cases not supportive. The contactee cannot share their experiences, and if they do so find they are ostracized and treated with disdain. Thus the strangeness of the situation cannot be lessened, in the time honored manner that humans use to reduce their anxiety - talking it out with others. The contactee must bury their anxieties, rather than express them, and the outcome is often, in those who are allergy prone, an allergy attack!

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