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ZetaTalk: Standing In
Note: written on Feb 15, 1997

During an increasingly busy Transformation period, with the necessity of gathering up contactees for group meetings, the aliens coordinating these group meetings are presented with endless scheduling difficulties. Many times when one contactee is free to have some missing time, the others are busy at work, as coordination may span the globe. One way around this matter is to get an exception from the Council of Worlds so that the contactee can be moved forward into the future for the meeting, then returned, and thus experience no missing time but rather a doubling of time in the near future. This is seldom done, due to the administrative complexity.

Another method available to the busy alien visitors assisting with the Transformation is what could be termed a stand-in, where the contactee thinks they are in two places at once. Essentially the process is this:

This method has some wear and tear on the contactee, in that brain chemistry is exhausted more rapidly than the humans physiology is designed to replenish. Thus, this method is not used for long periods of time, or done repeatedly within a day, unless the situation absolutely requires that such steps be taken.
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