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ZetaTalk: Gaining Time
Note: written on Feb 15, 1997

Much has been mentioned in contactee literature about the phenomenon called missing time, where the contactee finds they simply can't account for an hour or so of time, and those around them report they were utterly gone and could not be located anywhere during that time. Missing time is, of course, the most convenient way a visitation occurs, as no particular manipulation of the environment need be done outside of simply picking up the contactee and conducting the visit. However, many busy contactees have little room in their lives for missing time, so resourceful visitors often resort to a visitation method which could be called gained time.

Most contactees, like all humans, have broad stretches of time in their day that are essentially wasted time - commuting to and from work, standing at a bus stop, reading the newspaper while someone prepared dinner, or watching the news on TV. All these activities take place repetitively, each day, so the scene is more than familiar to the contactee, it is essentially a repeat performance. Thus a contactee can skip the activities that would take place during such a stretch of time, and scarcely notice. In the same manner that screen memories are given to contactees, the contactee is given a memory in keeping with the activity that would have occurred. Most often, this memory is simply a playback of one they already have in their memory banks, quite handy as it is available within the same human brain.

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