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ZetaTalk: Blood Types
Note: written on Apr 15, 1997

A popular rumor holds that humans can determine the predominant alien contribution in their genes by blood type. This is patently false, as blood types vary for reasons other than race, as any anthropologist will attest. All racial groups have all blood types, regardless of how pure or sullied the racial heritage is considered to be. Blood type is a characteristic like fingers or toes that express in all hominoids, and is thus representative of all hominoid contributions to the family of man. Where the various races in the family of man had different base apes and different hominoid contributors, they all have 5 fingers and toes and the same number of teeth. This is because all hominoids presently operating in your part of the Universe came from the same base! Blood type variation was present in the base, and expresses in all those hominoid variations that result from the base.

Blood type is a variant in the base hominoid, just as six fingers or toes can express in a population normally outfitted with five fingers or toes. There is curly hair and straight hair, dark hair and blond hair, in all racial groups. This may be doubted, as the Negro seems to have only curly dark hair, but in fact there are those occasional births that are treated as a sign from the gods or more often as a curse to be rid of, in which a straight haired babe is born, or one with light colored hair. These abnormalities were done away with quickly, in the past, and thus the gene pool altered. Just as six fingers or webbed fingers are rare, so some blood types are rare. That these genes express is significant of nothing more than a genetic toss of the dice and coming together of availability in the mother and father. There is no other significance in these variations.

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