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ZetaTalk: Shared Visions
Note: written on Apr 15, 1997

Not surprisingly, with something as momentous as a pole shift just around the corner and the ongoing Transformation of the Earth into a home for 4th Density entities operating in the Service-to-Other, contactees come away from their visitations with similar visions. A world devastated in some manner, some emergency they must rise to address, acting in concert with aliens operating space ships, rescuing other humans, and migrating to certain locales in the midst of some sort of crisis. Often they have difficulty placing the emergency, as the world around them marches on as before. When these contactees encounter each other or read each other's stories, they recognize the similarity. As the pole shift approaches and the Earth responds to her approaching brother with increased earthquakes and a slowing rotation, the sense that the time is approaching heightens. These contactees are poised to rapidly put the pieces of the puzzle together when the time is right, and have a deep sense of certainty about this. They wonder, but feel somehow they know the answer.

Increasingly, as contactees work behind the scenes in concert with each other and the alien groups visiting them, they will find their shared visions are more specific and immediate. Contactees who have found each other and are working together on shared endeavors often recall similar visitations on the same day, or have a sense of a change in focus on the same day. They may even recall seeing each other during a visitation! These shared visions are no more surprising than if they had attended a meeting together, discussed issues, made notes, and agreed upon a course of action. In fact, this is in essence what occurred! Shared visions are one of the most accurate and specific signs that contactees have that their recall is not imagination. Nevertheless, for others outside of the contactee group working together, the recitation of these shared visions is relatively meaningless. The element of doubt, required to reduce anxiety in others who are not contactees and are still to be awakened, is still present.

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