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ZetaTalk: Clue Lists
Note: written on Apr 15, 1997

A popular pastime in those discussing the alien presence and the wealth of information on what contactees experience both during their visitations and afterwards, when struggling to live a double life in human society, is the clue list. Every symptom of anxiety or nervous tension is listed, with the erstwhile contactee assured that if they can check off a dozen or more of these symptoms then they are most likely a contactee. The problem with these lists is that any and all those symptoms occur in the populace as a whole, are regularly part of the human experience, and do not, in and of themselves, indicate a contactee status! Even symptoms such as brain buzz or irritated draining ears do not in and of themselves indicate a contactee status, and most certainly allergies are common enough to be considered almost normal for the human condition. Thus, no assurance can be gotten from a simple clue list, including such clues as recall of visitations, which can and often are simply imagination, a reaction to reading contactee literature.

Sorting out whether one is or is not a contactee is not a simple matter, and involves the intensity of recall, the presence of smells and touch during recall as well as visual memories, the correlation of the appearance of scars and missing time with recalled instances, and remembrance of factors routinely present in visitations prior to reading or learning about them from outside sources, and other such confirming circumstances. Check lists are designed in the main to intrigue the reader and sell magazines or increase web site activity, not to help the populace determine their contactee status. Would you conclude that you had cancer based upon a check list? Or perhaps conclude that you needed to go to a divorce attorney and institute proceedings based on a check list? Or sell your car and buy another based on a check list? Check lists have their place, but not in complicated situations involving a number of variables.

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