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ZetaTalk: Staged Visitations
Note: written on May 15, 1997

Human memory is simply the chemistry of pathways, having been altered during sensory input and the resulting connections made shortly after the sensory input. Further memories can be developed whenever these same pathways are traveled as adjuncts to the thinking or pondering process, as a result of other sensory input that is related to the original incident, or during dream states or meditation when the conscious allows the subconscious to pass it information. The ability to retain a memory after an incident is thus greatly affected by blood or brain chemistry, a fact well known not only to the medical profession but to intelligence agencies which use injections to cause their interrogation subjects to forget that their civil rights were abused.

These simple means of allowing a memory to be partially retained have recently moved into the private sphere, where members of the establishment, what is commonly known as the New World Order crowd, use injections or drugs to induce confusion in humans they wish to influence regarding the alien presence. Certain humans, who by virtue of personal wealth they may have inherited or by virtue of their professional position or ability to influence public thinking, are targeted. Since most contactees remember only parts of their visitations, this group allows their targets to retain a memory of only part of their fraud. They pick the target up by one rouse or another or by virtually kidnapping them, inject them with a drug that causes complete memory loss of the incident, put them into a setting where the target thinks they are on a space ship or in the presence of alien hominoids, and then return them home while drugged into a state of forgetfulness again. The target recalls only the core portion of the incident, and is convinced they have had a real visitation.

By this means, the establishment hopes to skew public opinion of the alien presence to their preference, to control the slant with their disinformation, and thus ultimately to keep the public from feeling cozy with visitors from other worlds. The New World Order crowd considers the Earth and in particular her peoples to be theirs, their worker slaves, their servants, and want no interference in this order from alien visitors who are providing information and new insights to their contactees. This rouse only succeeds where their targets do not have access to other contactees or to truthful accounts of real visitations that would allow them to sort out what happened to them. In the main, the rouse works, as the targets are often chosen not only for their wealth and position of influence, but because of their gullibility and tendency to follow conclusions given to them by others. These very qualities, however, make their target converts less likely to be truly influential in the world at large, and thus the scheme fails.

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