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ZetaTalk: Mothership Clues
Note: written on Jul 15, 1997

Most sightings are of small ships used only for quick, local trips, not the type of ship used for interstellar travel. Motherships are the home away from home, and carry all manner of equipment, supplies, and facilities that small ships simply don't have room for. Motherships can be monstrously large, in human terms, far larger than their battleships or football stadiums. These motherships have the same anti-gravity capability that small ships have, and thus can astonish human witnesses who see these monsters floating in the air without the aid of roaring jets or whirling blades. Thus, during the Awakening, motherships are seldom used for sightings, as such sightings are considered too jolting for the average witness.

Since motherships hide, are there clues that one is about? The dramatic approach of a mothership in the movie Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind was based on reality, as clouds are the most often used camouflage. A mothership hovering in the vicinity is obvious to anyone watching a suspicious cloud for a length of time, as the small ships that port in and out almost constantly can be seen zipping in and out of the cloud. In 3rd Density, as the entire mothership and contents are during an intense time of activity on Earth's surface, these small ships are quite visible, and in the right light are unmistakable. Are they satellites when they emerge from or disappear into a cloud? Are they human airplanes when no jet trail or engine noise can be heard? This activity is a mothership clue, a moment of high drama for those witnesses who understand what they are watching.

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