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ZetaTalk: Radio or TV
Note: written on Jun 15, 1999

Of course we could communicate via radio waves. We could communicate by many means. We could paint colors across the sky, take over your TV stations, or create holographic elephants dancing down main street if we wished. Why don’t we do this? Because we wish to speak to the heart and the soul of the individual who is trying to communicate to us, and all of this would not only be a distraction, it could be subject to misinterpretation. Radio waves can come from us, or they can come from humans who wish you harm, who would twist and distort this into disinformation. Thus, we use means which cannot be misinterpreted. Either we visit the contactee in person, so that their body and our bodies are in direct contact, or we visit the contactee soul to soul, so that our souls are standing next to the contactee in a proximity that they cannot deny, that they understand in an almost gut-wrenching manner as being very, very real. This leaves the contactee with an impression that is a flood of information, which cannot be distorted. Then when disinformation comes, it is cast aside as being like some minor noise that pales in comparison to the real contact. This is why we do not use electronic means. We use a very personal touch.

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