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ZetaTalk: Painful Experiences
Note: written on Jan 15, 2001

Painful memories are a replay of a painful experience. In many cases the pain is remembered separately from other emotions such as desire or firm intention to complete a plan. The reason they are separated is that the human mind determines to void a painful memory by washing over it and dulling the sharp edges everytime itís remembered. Psychiatrists will tell you that this is what happens. Someone has a painful experience. At first they block it. Then they remember it, perhaps in the doctorís office, and thereís much weeping and gnashing of teeth and wailing. This is called a catharsis or a breakthrough. After that they remember the experience many times, but each time it seems to have less effect. It lessens. The edges are smoothed. How many women having experienced the extreme pain of childbirth, remember the birth process and remember that pain? They remember the doctor holding the baby. They remember the feeling of great joy.

So the painful part is separated from the joyous part because the human mind has structured it that way so it can close off avenues to the pain. In fact, when this pain is remembered, these avenues are severed, like slamming doors shut, so that the connection points between the pain and the joy are broken and eventually only the joy is remembered. This is in fact documentable, and has been documented, that this is the way people remember experiences. In the long path, they remember the good parts, not the bad. Therefore, contactees who are remembering something painful have separated that out and are getting rid of it. Often the painful parts are remembered first, in recall, because it is something vivid. After the painful part is eliminated, the contactee begins remembering other aspects of the visit. Bear with it, let your mind heal and deal with the painful contact experience as it deals with other painful experiences, and see what stands behind it. You are being contacted because you asked for this, and you wished for what came to you, so donít fail to dig deep enough to find out the full picture.

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