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ZetaTalk: Arrangements
Note: written on Apr 15, 2002

Humans are in the main only subliminally aware of their contactee role. They are also thus only subliminally aware of the other humans they meet during visitations. As we have explained, many humans are meeting regularly during the visits with other humans, planning their roles during the times moving into the shift, their roles during the shift itself, and in particular their roles in the Aftertime. These roles are, as we hardly need to mention, inter-related and coordinated by the contactees themselves and their alien visitors, as a team. What sorts of activities might be planned?

Now, given this kind of volunteering and coordination, what might a contactee, unaware consciously of his status, expect? They may find themselves in a book store, browsing books they have previously not had an interest in. They may find themselves drawn, impelled, toward a particular location such as a park, on a certain day, and find themselves talking to an otherwise stranger as though a friend. This is not an accident, this was a plan. Both contactees met, earlier, and deciding they needed to get consciously acquainted so as to lessen time loss when the workload was upon them, made this plan. Both determined the time and location, and both set out that day to meet each other. Should either get lost, or delayed, the other would get this message via their visitors, who are monitoring the meeting to assist and ensure it takes place. These meetings are a desire of the humans involved, who are in essence giving The Call to accomplish this, and thus assisting in this is quite in line with the rules on interference with human affairs.

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