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ZetaTalk: Secret Chamber
Note: written Nov 15, 1995. Planet X and the 12th Planet are one and the same.

All types of rumors abound about the Great Pyramids, some true, some false. It is known that a hidden chamber exists, accessible only via a tunnel so narrow that it might be traveled by a rat, yet so straight and long that it could only have been used for sighting. The chamber lies empty now, a center platform formed like a shallow basin without whatever object was intended. What went on there, and how did the object disappear through the long narrow tunnel? Hypothesis are that there is a back door to this room, as yet unfound, whereby an occupant or object could escape. This hypothesis has the room acting as a tomb or worst case scenario of an isolation chamber, or if not for a human or alien occupant, holding a massive crystal. None of these are true, as the room has no other entry and was never intended to hold a solid object. The occupant was a liquid, pooled in the shallow basin and reflecting light outward only when light shown down the long tunnel at that particular angle - the light from the approaching 12th Planet. Various other sighting tunnels, as yet undiscovered, caught the reflected light. The liquid, of course, evaporated over time, leaving only the puzzle behind.

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