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ZetaTalk: Zeta Meals
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995.

Regarding whether we eat, and what it is that we eat. We no longer eat, having genetically engineered ourselves in such a way that the digestive tract went out with the bath water. We regret this, as we regret other things thrown out with the bath water. We nourish ourselves through our skin, through a chemical bath we prepare in the laboratory and completely submerge ourselves in. Our emissary, Nancy, can describe this to you, as she visited one of our homes in the Gobi Desert, within a series of caverns in a mountain range there.

Unlike some of the bad PR that has been thrown our way, we do not require enzymes from living creatures in order to live. Does anyone think that entities as advanced as we would require that in order to live? We can live in space, on a dead planet, or anywhere. The chemicals needed for life are easily manufactured by an advanced species such as ourselves. Where we have mouths, our digestive tract is not complete. We avoid putting anything in our mouths, as like your appendix, anything put in can only cause problems.

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