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ZetaTalk: Gobi Desert

Note: written by Jul 15, 1995.

Our emissary, Nancy, will describe her visit to our home in the Gobi Desert, where she was taken as our guest.

Begin Vision:

We went there in a large ship, larger than the usual used during routine contacts, and this ship had a brown see-through floor and ceiling. We went into the side of a mountain, after coming across a barren desert. There were no trees or vegetation on the mountain range. The entrance to the Zeta home was artificially made, and could not be viewed from a distance. The entrance was off a canyon, straight into the side of the canyon, and the track took a curve. The large ship (which could have comfortably carried 50 people, throughout) locked into some kind of track in the entrance, which guided the ship, held on all sides, smoothly onto a landing port. I was shown, at one point, a natural cavern filled with idle ships, parked. Though the room went off irregularly, as natural caverns do, I could see about 30 ships of various sizes.

The walls of all the natural caverns I was led through seemed to be coated by some kind of substance, a yellowish-white, which glowed faintly. This is somewhat akin to the color and glow inside their ships, so perhaps is the same substance. We went first into a residence room, along a planked, slightly suspended walkway that led over the cavern floors and through natural (or in some cases artificially made) openings between caverns. The residences cascaded down along the sides of the residence cavern, so that all residences had a patio. There were open arched doorways, without doors, but no windows. I saw a Zeta floating in the air from one side of the cavern to the other, apparently not needing to walk down and then up again to cross over to the other side.

Going into another cavern, I was at first confused, as it looked like a spa. There were green plants growing among what seemed to be hot tubs, but I was puzzled to see what looked like bodies floating face down in the clear water. Were they dead? Were they swimming? The Zeta who was my guide said to me: "This is where we renew ourselves," and I realized those were live Zetas floating in the tubs.

End Vision

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