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zetas ZetaTalk: ZetaTypes
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995.

Our emissary, Nancy, will describe the Zeta types she has met. She has met but few, as the Zetas are numerous in form. The forms result from the various planets we have spread to during the life of our form. Each planet plays upon the genetic structure, encouraging certain genetics to emerge and demonstrate their superiority in survival and longevity. Thus, the life form gradually adapts to the environment it finds itself in. Counts would differ, but for the sake of this discourse, we will say that the number of variations that would be visibly noticeable to humans is 127.

Start Nancy's Recall

Short Skinny Zeta
These Zetas have Whitley Strieber's Communion face with attendant thin body and limbs. They're 4 foot tall or so, with a body no thicker than a post and arms no thicker than a broom stick. The body and arms are straight, showing no muscle bulges, and the trunk does not move in and out during breathing. They wear a beige colored skin-tight outfit that also covers the head. They emit a tittering sound when excited, speech to one another, which sounds like a flock of small birds. They seem like go-fers to the larger Zetas, doing detail tasks and errands. However, they do communicate telepathically and are loving and kind. They appear most often in groups of 3 or multiples thereof.
Tall Skinny Zeta
These Zetas are similar to the Short Skinny Zeta but they are 6 foot tall or so. They wear a gray skin-tight outfit. They don't emit sounds. They're planners and conferees rather than go-fers, appear businesslike, and can be stern. They address problems with great concern. They want to discuss solutions rather than just offer sympathy. I've seen the face without the skin-tights and it is beautiful. They have a small nose the size of my little finger, straight up and down, and high cheekbones with hollowed cheeks. The frontal lobes protrude out slightly over the face. The skull is lighter than the face, almost white, where the face and trunk and limbs are the same gray color as the skin-tights they wear.
I saw the hand and arm once without the skin-tights. The fingers rapidly taper from the index to the side, with the little finger less than 1/2 the size of the index finger. The thumb appears to come from the center of the palm, rather than the side, and was felt by me rather than seen. Their fingers have some webbing between them. The fingers are long, so that shaking hands lands the ends of the fingers up along the forearm. They have thick, long fingernails. Their skin has wrinkles as does ours. The arm I saw up close had pea green freckles along the outside, as our arms freckle when exposed to the sun.
Pumpkin Head Zeta
These Zetas are similar to the Short and Tall Zetas in body and limbs, but the head is round like a pumpkin and the eyes are smaller, the size of ours, and round though black like the other Zetas. They are tall enough to have to stoop going through the doorway when entering a room but can stand straight up in the room. They are related to other Zetas, in their words "We are like them." They seem to handle heavy planning and conferee issues where the other Zetas carried out existing policy, such as the Hybrid program. They can think abstractly and creatively more so than the other Zetas. I was told their brain halves communicate, as do ours, where the other Zetas have less of this.
I met the pumpkin heads only recently, since 1993. I was allowed to ask questions about the Zeta physiology. They breathe but their lungs work like bellows, one exhaling while the other inhales, therefore there is no sign of breathing. Their digestive system is minimal. They absorb through their skin. They generate the enzymes they need, a standard travel pack, I was told. They do have sex organs, but I don't know if they use them. The pumpkin head showed me his, as I asked. His penis curled between his legs, did not dangle, and came rapidly to a point. The telepathic explanation of female sex organs showed a wide vagina. The Zetas do not sleep.
Water Zeta
These Zetas are similar to the other Zetas in body and limb size, but they have many other differences. They can live in or out of water but the only sign of this are soft fins along the sides of the hips and thighs. Their toes and fingers appear stubbier than the other Zetas. The head is aqua-dynamic, not round. Their eyes are at the end of short protuberances, and are not black. There are large indentations for water to flow across the brow and past the cheeks. The head is basically lumpy looking. The Water Zeta I met had one of the warmest Zeta personalities, a very nice soul. They apparently eat, mentioning shrimp as not unlike their normal diet. They apparently can't handle all the tasks assigned to other Zetas, think single thread or some such, and are sensitive to sunlight.

End Nancy's Recall

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