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ZetaTalk: Alien Interactions
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995.

With those groups who operate in the Service-to-Others orientation we, the Zetas, are in close, daily, if not momentary coordination. The nature of our interaction is primarily coordination. We don't typically work hand-in-hand, and the reason for that is that this does not make the best use of either our skills or our organizations. Recall that Service-to-Others groups become very tightly interwoven mentally, with much telepathic communication. An elite corps in the military trains and becomes proficient in part because they know each other and their normal operating procedure so well. Just so, groups operating in the Service-to-Others find this has happened to them, also. We are able to anticipate what the others in the group are going to need, and be there for them even before they express this need. This would not happen as readily with strangers. Therefore, we are all most efficient if we work in our familiar groups. There is much work to be done, and as the saying goes, we could clone ourselves. Of course, we do clone ourselves, but it is not just more bodies that are needed, but more of what fills them.

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