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ZetaTalk: Entertainment
Note: written Jul 15, 1995.

We, the Zetas, have the same range of activities that humans do. Why would we not? It's true we don't go out to eat as much, and with our muted sexuality we don't look forward to getting laid. But where you look forward to occasionally getting into a hot tub, our refreshment baths are a big deal. The spas are lush with plants, and music that vibrates through the water and walls is played. It's a total body experience.

Games? We have more games than you, a thousandfold more, and a hundred times more intricate. Our games are played with holographs, which are generated by computer under control of our minds. The best are like chess, where many players engage in strategies, or several teams play against each other. What is the goal of these games? The same as your games. Where the game involves mental concentration, the goal is to improve upon and practice strategic planning. Where the game involves cooperation among players, the goal is to improve social skills and cooperation. Where the game involves close timing and precision from the team, the goal is to gain skill at delegation and rapid hand-offs. Watch children intent at play. Are they not preparing for life?

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