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ZetaTalk: Zeta Schools
Note: written Jul 15, 1995.

The Zetas in the Service-to-Others orientation have extensive schools, not only for our young but for all ages. Where in human society education is viewed as preparation for life, when young, and retraining for an occupation or to a minor degree self improvement, when grown, the Zetas have a different attitude. Self improvement is at the fore, always.

The young Zetas finds themselves in a smorgasbord of stimulation, surrounded by toys and games that allow their curious minds to fully explore physics, chemistry, biology, and the social studies. Unlike human schools for their youngsters, where physics and chemistry experimentation is limited to lab time or simplistic at-home experiments, the Zeta youngster is not limited to time slots or scope, nor do we require the youngsters to be a certain age or grade before they have an opportunity. Don't they blow themselves up? Precautions are taken in the way these lessons are structured, so that the necessary knowledge is in place before next steps can be taken. The lessons have checkpoints, so, for example, the youngster cannot just reach for the vial of acid and taste.

Social interaction is not structured, as it is to some degree in human society where human youngsters are selected by the teacher to assume roles. Johnny gets to organize the field trip because the teacher likes his engaging smile. Zeta youngsters are counseled when they are having difficulty, and given assistance to a degree that would astonish humans, when in need, but the roles they assume in play are self chosen, and when they succeed at these roles it is based on honest interaction between the youngsters. In Zeta society, the equivalent of the dullard son of the boss assuming command of the company, or the inept daughter of the PTA head getting the lead in the play does not exist. We do not use platitudes or hypocrisy to develop our youngsters, but deal with the truth, teaching our youngsters, by example, to do this also from the earliest age.

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