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ZetaTalk: Dictatorial
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995.

Our culture, the Service-to-Others Zetas, allows each entity to flower in their individuality to the fullest. We place no constraints on the individual, who may choose their activities based on their own perception of what they desire to do in service to others. This choice is not jammed down their throats, as is the case in human societies more often than not. This is not a joint decision, as is so often the case in human societies, where the individual is "helped" in their decision by many interested parties. The parents, who expect their investment to maximize. The spouse, who expects the partner to meet their expectations. The co-worker, who expects the peer to rescue or stand in for them.

We, in our culture, actually meet the principle, and truly allow the individual to chart their course, to actualize, as it is termed in your society. We do this in love, where each individual is aware of the general needs of the society, and can take this into consideration when charting their course. The closest you have to this ideal is the democracy within the United States. However, the ideal is in fact not practiced.

The Zetas are sometimes accused of preventing humanity from charting its own course. Does anyone assume that in fact humanity is charting its own course? Should the assumed leaders, who by their birth right or by right of ascension, claim a right to dictate humanity's course? How less arrogant is this position than that the Zetas are accused of? This type of complaint comes not from humanity but from the usurpers of humanity's freedom. These accusers should look to themselves. They will see in the mirror what they accuse the Zetas of being.

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