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ZetaTalk: Reptilian Control
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995.

Regarding whether the Zetas, of either orientation, are under the direction of another race, like the Reptilians. This is altogether untrue. This rumor was started due to the characteristics of human society, and the assumptions made as a parallel. In human societies, one race or the other is dominant. The black race is almost invariable subservient. The female of the race is most certainly subservient, even where the black race is accused of being matriarchal. One need only look to Africa, where women bear their young without support from the strutting men, to see their position in the black cultures. The white races are supreme, worldwide. Stratification exists.

Thus, humans assume the same in races from what they term outer space, as though inner space were one place and outer space another. Is not outer space a collection of many others? The Zeta, of neither orientation, have any association with alien species humans might term Reptilian. This rumor came about because of close proximity on encounters, where Service-to-Self groups were in close proximity to each other, and also because the Zetas give the appearance of being contained and controlled. In humans, this behavior would indicate subservience.

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