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ZetaTalk: Alien Names
Note: written May 15, 1996.

Human society, which communicates with gestures, modulated grunts, and symbols, finds they must put a name to things in order to organize and catalog their world. The babe points his finger, says what becomes the word for mother because it is usually the first uttered by the babe, and later learns the written symbols that describe his early caretaker - mama, mother, madre, or whatever. Everything has a name, else things could not be discussed. Thus when dealing with the alien issue, assigning names is the first order. All of these names have consonants and vowels and sound suspiciously like something that would come out of human mouths. Human society finds names necessary because of the lack of telepathy. Thus aliens are assigned names based on their constellation of origin or their appearance - Zeta, Pleiadean, Nordic, or Dino.

Most worlds evolve creatures that don't have mouths that shape consonants and vowels like human mouths. Most are water worlds, and they don't have speech at all. They may vibrate, just as whales hum over long distances. Of the worlds that are other than water worlds, the majority are reptilian. Reptiles hiss, and spit, they don't pronounce vowels and consonants. Aliens, who communicate telepathically, have no need for names that can be communicated in written symbols. This is because a telepathic communication is rich, and conveys the group the alien is associated with, intent, age and physical makeup, and any other nuance the other party in the conversation may be interested in. A name is simply unnecessary.

Aliens in Service-to-Self groups, who avoid telepathy due to the distraction from their self focus that the empathy associated with telepathy brings, do utilize names. However, the names Service-to-Self aliens give as their names to their human contacts have scarce resemblance to their real names. Humans are given names that can be spoken or written, or would have a desired effect. The Omnipotent Krlll, for instance, who chose his name because it sounded like a growl and the human word kill. Why would an alien have a name full of human vowels, when their mode of communication is not guttural or ever vocal? All part of the Service-to-Self contactee game - make up a name. Most alien names bantered about in human society are invented by humans, however, and that is a human game.

Service-to-Others aliens channeling to humans will assume a name to get past the issue of a name. We are perpetually asked our individual names, and Nancy is perpetually asked if she knows or is aware of this or that entity supposedly being validly channeled. Humans, being unable to sort out who is saying what without names, cannot conceive of an environment where names are not necessary. Thus, well planned and executed channelings, such as the Book of Ra, insert a name that would be accepted as prestigious, known, and non-threatening.

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