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ZetaTalk: Social Structure
Note: written May 15, 1996.

In any group in the Service-to-Others orientation there are leaders and followers, as for a great number of reasons no two entities are evenly balanced in their capabilities at any given point in time. One may be a leader in one instance, yet a follower in another. One may appear to be a follower but by their counsel and support in fact be quietly leading.

All these scenarios are familiar to humans, who know that titles can be misleading and relationships complex. But humans are accustomed to these subtleties taking second place to titles, as without titles and the responsibilities and authority that accompany titles, how are strangers to know how to relate? Given an everyday situation, where a water main has burst, how to handle this unless one can call the city water department and, if need be, demand to speak to the superintendant. In Service-to-Others groups in 4th Density or above, telepathy or soul-to-soul communication replaces what humans see as the only means of reaching the person responsible for fixing broken water mains. Without a phone book, a title, a name, and an organization chart - humans would not know who to contact.

In Service-to-Others groups, where an entity has volunteered and others have pledged their support, all are aware of who to contact and, in fact, there is no need to pick up the phone. Thus, titles or a formal social structure is not only unnecessary, it would inhibit the free flow of adaptation to changing circumstances. Therefore, we dispense with them.

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