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ZetaTalk: Music
Note: written Jun 15, 1996.

Life is rhythm, from the surging and regularity of heartbeats to the repetitive swishing motion of a traveling snake or the vibration of beating wings in flight. Living things take comfort in rhythm, as in this they find a reassurance that life is as it should be. Catastrophes have irregular rhythm, the thump of a falling object or the steady screech of tearing rock or roots as a tree uproots. Beyond rhythm, harmonies exist in nature, in life itself. Breathing and heartbeats are syncopated, the balancing swing of limbs on animals in motion forms a syncopation to pounding hoofs or paws, and even the surging blood carries a syncopation in the thub-dub of the heart valves. Harmony, which mankind takes to be tones, is nothing more than vibration frequencies, either in syncopation with each other or clashing. Clashing is distressful, and syncopation soothing, so music that combines the two is found to be relaxing. First the clash, then the syncopation, so in the end comes the resolution that life finds soothing. All life thus has music, on all worlds, though the tones might not be those humans can hear.

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