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ZetaTalk: Literature
Note: written Jan 15, 1997. Planet X and the 12th Planet are one and the same.

To what degree do alien cultures enjoy the arts, and what form do these arts take? Obviously, whether in 3rd Density or a higher density, the art form is dependent upon the life form. Water creatures will sense motion in a different way than land creatures, as the motion will physically affect them where the land creature will in all likelihood be viewing this from some sort of eye that captures light rays. Music is also dependent upon the life form, as the rhythms that comfort will differ depending upon how many hearts the life form has and what kind of rhythms their world presents when it represents danger or safety. Rumbling thunder and sudden loud noises are something humans associate, in music, with danger, and lilting sounds with gentle breezes and the voice tones of humans chattering in comfortable social settings.

In human society, much history is recorded in written form, although with the advent of the electronic age, much is also recorded on video or audio tape. Books or manuscripts represent the thoughts of great men in the past, factual as well as fictional. Do alien life forms, such as ourselves, have an equivalent? We do indeed, but have no need to rely on a written word as humans do. We are telepathic, so often the performing artist is soundless but nevertheless relays the composition perfectly. As for recording the great thoughts of the past, or works of art, the written word is considered cumbersome and inadequate. We use holographic forms, where all but telepathic thought is transmitted. In these cases, the intent of the author or artist is relayed through other means, such as symbolic motion or recreating the situation described, much as humans enjoy when going to the movie theater.

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