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ZetaTalk: Long Life
Note: written Feb 15, 2002. Planet X and the 12th Planet are one and the same.

The issue of the Annunaki living for thousands of years is a misunderstanding. When placed on Earth for a mining operation, they expected, as a culture and as a royal family line, to live that long, until the next passage. Poetry, misunderstood. The visitors from the 12th Planet carried with them on their long sojourns to Earth a plant with medicinal qualities, native to the 12th Planet. They grew this in special gardens, shielded from the intensity of the Sun. After its tender gardeners vacated, it rapidly died out and no longer grows on Earth, living only in legend. This plant could renew their cellular structure, a type of growth hormone stimulant. They took this stimulant in the form of a bath, soaked in the plant. Reputed to rejuvenate, it gave rise to the legend of the Fountain of Youth, but this is much exaggerated. In fact, it merely slowed a degenerative disease the transplanted hominoid suffered from while on Earth. Until transplants adapt, genetically, to their new surroundings, all transplants to non-native worlds suffer from such diseases. Unfortunately, for these visitors, fresh mining crews were always delivered to replace those returning to the 12th Planet, and those returning were not allowed to bear young upon return, due to what was considered corruption of their genetics by interbreeding with humans.

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