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ZetaTalk: Mothman
Note: recorded during the Jun 29, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session

This true story has fascinated those who have learned of it, and thus it has made its way to Hollywood. What was this large bird-man, seen swooping over the mountain country, and what its purpose? We have stated that Vampires, Dragons, and the recent Chupas are not intelligent aliens, but more akin to dog packs controlled by Service-to-Self aliens. They are brought to Earth to terrify humans, as fear pushes those inclined toward the Service-to-Self orientation more in that direction. Fearful humans tend to think more for themselves, ignoring empathy for others, and thus are pushed into training for entry into the Service-to-Self ranks, or so these Service-to-Self aliens hope! As dog packs, they are allowed to encounter, terrify, and even kill humans should the humans basically give up and submit. Thus, there are stories of dragons consuming virgins, and vampires biting to death victims virtually drained of blood.

So, were the Mothmen not men at all, but bird creatures? Indeed they were, and short lived, as they did not acclimate well to the Appalachian mountains where they were installed. Dead, they were retrieved by their masters, as leaving bones about would lessen their impact when the brain cavity was discovered to be infinitesimal. And why the sense of doom, of a warning given, by those who sighted these large bird creatures floating overhead? This was the general vibes in the area, a sense that something unexplained was upon them, something even the church had no explanation for, and this in the Bible Belt. Thus, this true story has many interpretations, and more yet to come, as the movie is about to emerge in the theaters!

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