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Christianity and Jesus

Who founded the great religions?
ZetaTalk has stated that Jesus, Mohammed, and Buddha were all star children, with similar goals and a similar message - to love one another and live in peace.
Their message got corrupted, in all cases, by others wishing to direct their followers.

ZetaTalk: Jesus, written Jul 15, 1995
Jesus was not an ordinary man, but he was no more the son of God than any other human. Jesus was an entity from a higher dimension. Bear in mind that there are many, many entities among humans now, functioning in human society, who are operating in the same manner as Jesus was in his day. Jesus was a very high grade entity operating in the Service-to-Other orientation. He was immovable in that regard, meaning that those allowing him to come to Earth and undertake the incarnation could trust him not to veer from his stated path. When Jesus was on Earth, he lived the life of a normal man, as all incarnations into human form do. He had sexual hungers, felt despondent when alone and rejected, and doubted his ability to deal with issues before him. He was human, in every regard. As with all incarnations, by the Rules of Forgetfulness, he did not remember his prior spiritual state, where he lived in light and wonder, a veritable feast of learning and exploration. He chose his path, as Jesus, for the message he wished to deliver was, to him, a primary message of great importance, and the flack he met was not at all unexpected. Jesus knew he would take heat. That he was tortured to death was not a surprise to him.

Jesus accomplished his mission in formulating and disseminating a message of love for others, and sacrifice for love. This message is the opposite of the Service-to-Self message, which is love thyself, and sacrifice for no one. The words of Jesus, where possible, have been corrupted by those who wish to see mankind headed toward the Service-to-Self orientation. Most of the words of Jesus were spoken carefully, and spoken often enough, so that their meaning could not be corrupted. He repeated the same message in many different contexts, and to many different groups. In this he succeeded in passing on a legacy, the legacy he intended. Jesus was not alone in incarnating from a higher density in order to assist in the spiritual evolution of humankind. Buddha and Mohammed, among others, have done likewise, with similar results. The message bearer should not be blamed for the twists made upon their message. Look to those who are perpetrating the twists, and place blame accordingly.

The message of a messiah is within the Christian message, just as the anticipated arrival of the Mahdi is within the Islamic message.
But this, per the Zetas, is not what it seems.

ZetaTalk: Messiah, written Jul 15, 1995
The Christians claim that Jesus was the Messiah but the Muslims claim he was the wrong man, and the Jews say the Messiah hasn't arrived as yet. The problem here, of course, is that there isn't any Messiah, so any such attribute ascribed to any human just won't stick. Mankind must save itself, and in particular, each human must save him or herself. The desire to be saved is not something that springs from humans, but an idea that has been put forth by the religious elite. If mankind can be made nervous about their future chances, then they will be all the more likely to seek assistance from the religious elite, and pay well for it we might add. Each human makes their own path, and earns their own reward, and payment of money or goods and services to the religious elite has no effect whatsoever other than to make the religious elite happy.

How much of what the Bible reports about Jesus is accurate?
The virgin birth, for instance.
Mary reported being visited by angels. What went on there?

ZetaTalk: Virgin Birth, written Jul 15, 1995
The mother of Jesus did indeed have a Virgin Birth, and correctly ascribed this to a visit from an entity not of the Earth, an entity she called an angel. We would direct the reader to what has been documented extensively about the ability of extraterrestrials to manipulate human births. Jesus was the product of the union between Mary's egg and a man's sperm. Her husband Joseph, an old man, was impotent with old age. She required a donor, but was not the type of woman to be unfaithful to her husband, no matter what the mission. She was assisted in her desire to bear a child, to bear this special child, as both she and Joseph had given The Call to Service-to-Other entities strongly and repeatedly and understood full well the hardships their life might bear because of it. As artificial insemination was an unknown science in those days, the Virgin Birth was explained as best the people knew how. Thus, the story as told is essentially correct.

That explains the visits by angels, they were doctors about to do artificial insemination!
ZetaTalk also supports many of the stories of miracles reported in the Bible, but with a practical twist.

ZetaTalk: Miracles, written Jul 15, 1995
Many stories about Jesus are based on true incidences with untrue distortions. How and why did this occur? Based on the stories being spread about Jesus, a simple statement made in error by a single person can spread and grow in details as it does. Think of the rumors you have today, and how easily disinformation can catch on and continue. He seemed to them to be consistently so much more than a man, and indeed he was. And as he faced the terrors they faced with such equanimity, his faithful concluded he must be a god. Why else would the threat of torture and death leave his face serene?

Did Jesus walk on water? Desert sands, particularly in flat areas, produce mirages, and a common mirage is water. A human walking at a distance can be seen as walking on water. Did Jesus raise the dead? As Jesus was well connected to entities from higher densities, he was able and not reluctant to give The Call for help in many situations. Thus he on occasion was instrumental in curing people who had been stricken and at the point of death. It is well known that severely ill people can appear to be dead, and have on occasion even been buried alive because of this confusion. Such a person, recovering suddenly because of intervention, would be rumored to have been raised from the dead. Did Jesus mold a bird from clay? He found and rescued a bird caught and caked in dried clay so that flight or even motion was impossible. This was subsequently explained as creating a bird from the clay.

Did Jesus make many loaves of bread from one or wine from water? A few of the faithful seated close to Jesus as he lectured, having brought their own lunch, would conclude that their lunch had been multiplied on observing the following: Jesus notes that new comers are without food, and asks those who had brought lunch to share, helping in the distribution. Later more new comers arrive, with various foods which they share among themselves. The original arrivals look over their shoulders, noting the masses and the sharing of food, and make an erroneous conclusion based on their heartfelt admiration for Jesus. Did Jesus resurrect from the dead? The supposed resurrection of Jesus from the dead was, of course, a story based on the widespread human custom of carrying beloved deceased to what the bearers considered a proper burial. As Jesus had relayed that death is not the end, that his faithful could expect to meet him again, the disappearance of his corpse, a true occurrence, was supplemented with supposition. Where did he go? He resurrected, was the supposition. How do we know these things about Jesus? Where we, the individual Zetas speaking to you, were not necessarily there, or reading from some sort of written record, we are consulting with Jesus himself and the group of entities he works with, his team. We go to the source for this information.


The eastern religions have a similar background, in that their founder, Buddha, was different than eventually purported.
The message twisted, once again.

ZetaTalk: Buddha, written Jul 15, 1995
Buddha was a Star Child, and as such arrived on Earth from a higher density with a great deal more knowledge than the humans he mingled among. As with all incarnations, the corporeal mind and body are ignorant, and only gradually absorb what the incarnating spirit understands. Some call this process enlightenment, an apt term. Buddha did not require others, such as teachers, to become enlightened, as this was a self-directed process. Buddha attempted to communicate, through teachings to mankind, a message of how to balance the needs of the human body with spiritual growth. Yes and no, he succeeded. During his lifetime, Buddha was able to set in motion the dissemination of his philosophy, what he hoped to teach mankind. This motion has never lost its momentum, nor the purity of its message, but alternate interpretations more to the liking of those who were lazy or indulgent sprang up, and these interpretations have been running in parallel with Buddha's intended message. Buddha's message has thus been primarily interpreted to be a directive to enjoy life, but that is not altogether what he was attempting to teach. This is a one-sided interpretation, the big bellied smiling Buddha, enjoying life without worry. What happened to the spiritual message?

The Yogas, in the Hindu religion, teach control of the human body to an astonishing degree.
To some extent, their claims are true, and the Zetas explain.

ZetaTalk: Yogas, written on Apr 15, 2002
Yogas, who control their bodies to be able to breath with reduced oxygen use, in closed chambers, buried chambers, for hours past the point of death in a normal person, or otherwise resist injury by walking over hot coals, are not operating outside their physiology. If they were, then why are there limits on what is reported, or performed? If one can walk over hot coals, then why not through a firestorm? If breathing less and reducing the metabolism for hours, then why not weeks? If super-human powers were afoot, then limits would not be in place. Yogas learn, through dedicated practice, to control their body's reactions, not unlike a warrior resisting pain during battle in order to survive. Your bodies use of oxygen can take surprising steps, as for instance where a child falls into very cold water and is apparently dead for an hour or more, then revived as normal. This is an indication of the capacity of the body to reduce its normal reactions. Yogas who walk over coals have, in the first place, callused bare feet that have almost an inch of dead skin, thickened, on the soles. They have analyzed and practiced just how long the foot must be on a hot coal, how quickly lifted, and where to place the foot. Blistering does not occur, as live flesh has not been burned. Dead thickened skin peels off, rebuilding underneath, and no one but the Yoga is the wiser.

But some stories are NOT true, for instance, the ability to live on light alone.
Recently promulgated by the new Buddha, a young man found sitting at the base of a tree.
Pilgrims flock to see 'Buddha boy' said to have fasted six months. Thousands of pilgrims are pouring into the dense jungle of southern Nepal to worship a 15-year-old boy who has been hailed as a new Buddha. Devotees claim that Ram Bomjon, who is silently meditating beneath a tree, has not eaten or drunk anything since he sat down at his chosen spot six months ago.

The Zetas explain.

ZetaTalk: Divine Nectar, written by Jul 15, 1995
A falsehood promulgated by Yogis is that they nourish themselves not with the same food and water required by mere humans whom they would lead, but by the absorption of light energy, called Divine Nectar. This is a falsehood difficult for the follower to disprove, as to put in place the controls necessary to disprove the proposition, the follower would have to highly insult the master. Do they have a bite to eat in their private quarters, or slip a nibble into their mouths now and then during the day, from under their flowing robes? Who can be certain? There has been no controlled study on this matter, and the reader can be assured that if humans had even a slight inclination in this direction that the massive starvation and malnutrition that occurs all over the Earth, without abatement throughout human history, would have produced at least one human who seemed to thrive without food.

A controlled experiment to disprove the proposition would require that a Yogi master:
* be willing to undergo such a test
* be placed in an isolated situation where the only input to his system would be the light claimed to nourish
* be observed continuously by people who are not the Yogi Master's followers and who therefore do not have preconceived opinions on the outcome

No such controlled test has ever been done, and for good reasons - the proposition would be disproved. Why do Yogi Masters purport that this practice works? What's in it for them? India is a country where starvation and malnutrition are on the rise, and have always been a grim fact of life for all but the privileged classes. The cast systems are rigid, and there is scant hope of escaping. Some Yogis purport that this practice succeeds to give hope to the pitiful, and some have even convinced themselves that they feel refreshed after basking, but most do so simply to raise their status among their followers. How great is their master? He has mastery over Divine Nectar, or so he says.

And can they levitate?
Another myth, like living on light, per the Zetas.

ZetaTalk: Levitate, written Feb 15, 2002
Levitation of objects, and rapid movement of space ships, is largely based on manipulation of gravity. As we have described in space travel, faster than light, when the Repulsion Force is removed, and there is only attraction, it's a quick kiss! This manipulation of gravity is also evident in our space ships, which not only hover, they have their own center of gravity inside. Levitation by mankind is a trick. For those who think they are viewing this and feel it cannot be so, we would point out the many ways that trick can be done. Wire or string can be the same color as the backdrop, and thus not seen, or clear in nature for this effect. Likewise, pedestals can be under an object, and as long as the same color or appearance as the backdrop, not seen. In these tricks, there is often distraction at play during the levitation, such that the attention of the audience is drawn away from these areas. There are objects that are passed under the levitated object that break at the point where they pass by the pedestal or wires, and snap together again. This is because they are magnetized, and solid enough that the break and reattachment can be counted on. All this accompanied by much noise and music and waving about, as distraction.

Just as Christianity teaches the good will go to Heaven, the Hindu teach that Nirvana can be reached.
But the Hindi ascribe to reincarnation, many lifetimes during the learning process, wherein Christianity teaches one lifetime.
Perhaps that is why the Hindi are more fatalistic, accepting of their fate.
They know they'll get another chance, and see life as a continuum.

ZetaTalk: Nirvana, written Aug 15, 1995
What the Christians describe as Heaven has an equivalent in other major religions and in all human cultures. What is being referred to here is what the human soul understands, intuitively, awaits. A promise. A possibility. Life in light form, without pain or hunger or struggle. Love all around. An information and exploration extravaganza. The Hindus correctly understand that many lifetimes of practice, many lessons, precede this treasured state. They also describe reincarnation, and backsliding during incarnations, and stages of spiritual growth with the ultimate, Nirvana, achieved only after much personal struggle.

Founders : Mohammed

The third star child who came to Earth in the same time period as Jesus and Buddha was Mohammed.
His message, like the other two, twisted after his death into edicts Mohammed never intended.

ZetaTalk: Mohammed, written Jul 15, 1995
Mohammed, like Jesus and Buddha, was an entity from another world who incarnated on Earth in hopes of spreading knowledge about the spiritual realm. Yes and no, they succeeded. Mohammed would be horrified to learn of the militaristic stance some of his supposed followers have taken. His message was to blend with the Universe, in peace, to blunt the aggressive nature of man so as to listen to the whispers of the spheres. Most of his followers correctly understand his message, but are lost in the thunderstorm coming from many of the Muslim leaders, who would spread blood over all the landscape to win a small point. They send forth their faithful youth to die on false promises of an afterlife they cannot deliver. And like most of the world's religious elite, they know this full well. Parasites on the blood of their young, whom they care not for.

Like Christianity, Buddhaism has a messiah, whom they call the Maitreya,
And Islam a messiah, whom they call the Madhi.
Both are to appear during troubled times, the end times, and both are reported to have appeared, interestingly enough.
Maitreya, in Buddhism, the future Buddha, a Buddha who will be reborn in a period of decline to renew the doctrine of the founder of Buddhism, the Buddha.
Many now expect the return of their awaited Teacher, whether they call him the Christ, Messiah, the fifth Buddha, Krishna, or the Imam Mahdi. Millions now know that the Teacher who fulfills all these expectations is already living among us. Maitreya, the World Teacher, has not come alone, but with a group of wise Teachers who have long guided humanity from behind the scenes. They are returning to the everyday world to help us solve our most critical global problems.
The Holy Prophet Muhammad has prophesied about several events that will occur just before the advent of the day of judgment. Al Mahdi will materialize when the believers are severely oppressed in every corner of the world. He will fight the oppressors, unite the Muslims, bring peace and justice to the world, rule over the Arabs, and lead a prayer in Mekkah at which Jesus will be present.

What's the connection here, other than the three star children starting these major religions
arriving on Earth during the same time frame,
preaching the same basic message of love, and
pointing to the troubled times of change ahead,
which we know of as the passage, the time of the pole shift,
the time of the Earth's Transformation to a better time.

ZetaTalk: Maitreya, written Nov 28, 2005
We have mentioned that the Earth's Transformation into a world to be inhabited only by those staunchly in the Service-to-Other orientation has been scheduled to occur during the coming pole shift. This, because the die-off from the pole shift will foster a rapid change in incarnations, so that the souls of those scheduled to inherit the Earth due to their Service-to-Other orientation can quickly reincarnate, and those souls scheduled to incarnate elsewhere can be quickly relocated. This pole shift is anticipated to be harsh, with a 90% die-off in the population resulting. Beyond being mentioned in prophecy and religion as a time of great geological upheaval, the time is referred to for its socio-political aspects and the spiritual transformation that will occur. Known as Armageddon in the Christian religion, for instance, with the return of Jesus predicted and war and rumors of war.

Known as the Mahdi in Islam, with a similar outcome and timing tied to the return of Jesus. During a world Transformation, there is a polarizing of the spiritual orientations into Service-to-Self and Service-to-Other groups. The Service-to-Self, losing out on control of the world they must now leave, show their rage at loss by attempting power grabs such as the current War in Iraq, an obvious attempt to control the worlds oil resources, thus the anticipated war mongering centered in the Middle East, in prophecy. We have mentioned that the three great religions of the Earth were founded by Star Children, with Buddha, Mohammed, and Jesus all having a similar mission and message. Of course, this message has been distorted by ambassadors from the Service-to-Self, who inserted rules and regulations and wage religious wars. We have mentioned that the anticipated return of Christ should not be interpreted to be this particular soul, who is busy elsewhere at all times on missions similar to the one he had on Earth. What he meant was that many in the Service-to-Other, his obvious orientation, would be coming to Earth at this time. Likewise with the Buddha, the Maitreya, which is understood to be many, not one, persona.

The current times, leading into the pole shift, are mentioned in the Quran and Islamic literature as much as in the Bible and related literature.

Hadith 6931
Allah's Apostle came to us all of a sudden as we were (busy in a discussion) He said: What do you discuss about? (the Companions) said: We are discussing about the Last Hour. Thereupon he said: It will not come until you see ten signs before and (in this connection) he made a mention
of the smoke,
Dajjal, the beast,
the rising of the sun from the west,
the descent of Jesus son of Mary,
the Gog and Magog,
and landslides in three places, one in the east, one in the west and one in Arabia
at the end of which fire would burn forth from the Yemen, and would drive people to the place of their assembly.

The Islamic prediction of the sun rising in the West equates to the Fatima prediction of 3 days of darkness,
as per the Zetas this is the same tipping away of the N Pole to evade a magnetic particle blast from Planet X.

ZetaTalk: Revelations, written Aug 24, 2002
The Bible, when written, had a specific audience of those in the region, as Jesus was just one of many Star Children visiting Earth with the intent of passing on a message of love-thy-neighbor-as-thyself, and the spread of Christianity not anticipated anymore than the spread of the Koran almost worldwide. Thus, those who interpreted his words, or put their personal visions into words, were in this tradition, speaking to the people of the area. Revelations describes, often in symbolic language, the coming pole shift, by explaining what those in the regions would experience - hail, earthquakes, exploding volcanoes that darken the sky with ash, fire storms from air passing over the volcanoes, and being on the Long Day side of the Earth, a fire dragon in the sky; the heat of the Long Day, an unending beating of the summer sun on an area near the Equator; the heat of hot earth as many fault lines adjust, some by subducting under each other or by allowing lava to flow closer to the surface; frantic insects of the desert, not waiting for night to creep about but running in panic over people not used to this experience. In reading the words of Revelations, those words that apply to the Earth changes without doubt, one can see what folklore and ourselves are explaining will occur.

Why were frank and explicite descriptions of the coming pole shift, such as occurs in the Book of Enoch and the parallel Bible, the Kolbrin, OMITTED from the offical Bible?
Whose hands were into the editing process, making the decisions on what should and should not be included?
And what was their agenda?

ZetaTalk: The Good Book, written by Jul 15, 1995
A number of times we, the Zetas, and others have discussed how the founders of the great religions on Earth, such as Jesus as the founder of Christianity or Mohammed as the founder of Islam, were themselves incarnated spirits from higher realms who attempted to reach mankind through their repeated counsel to the masses. Jesus and Mohammed took care to repeat their verbal messages because of the tendency of such messages to be distorted and turned from their original meaning. Nevertheless, their messages did get twisted in the Bible and Koran. How did this happen? The messages themselves remained pure, but additions were made and attributed to the speaker. Thus a simple statement to Love they Neighbor became a series of rules on how such love was to be conducted. These rules were never relayed by the speaker and are in fact a hallmark of the Service-to-Self orientation. Thus a simple message bearing the concept of Service-to-Others became a distraction of rules, so that empathy and fair play are lost in the adherence of meaningless rules. These rules have the facade of love, but close examination shows otherwise.


And what of the Fatima secret? Was this pole shift related?
Per Pope John, this was about an assassination of a Pope.
Not so, per reports.
Asked in 1980 why the Secret had yet to be released, Pope John Paul II told a German audience: 'Because of the seriousness of its contents, in order not to encourage the world wide power of Communism to carry out certain coups, my Predecessors in the Chair of Peter have diplomatically preferred to withhold its publication. On the other hand, it should be sufficient for all Christians to know this much: if there is a message in which it is said that the oceans will flood entire sections of the earth; that, from one moment to the other, millions of people will perish ... there is no longer any point in really wanting to publish this secret message.'

So, the Third Secret of Fatima WAS about the pole shift. Why the lie?
The Zetas explain.

ZetaTalk: Fatima Secret, written Jan 13, 2005
Of course, everyone anticipates that the remaining Fatima Secret, known to few except the hierarchy of the Catholic Church and Sister Lucia, who received the vision, will encompass the End Times. What else would cause the children to fall, screaming, at what they saw. Few accepted the obvious deflection, announced in recent years, that this involved the assassination of a Pope, which would perhaps stun or sadden a child, but not send them screaming in horror, writhing on the ground. In the main, sudden and massive Earth changes are simply not expected, and thus screaming in horror is the appropriate response, especially if the one visualizing this, living it during an intense vision, is but a child. Place yourself, then, as the child you were, dependent on others to protect you and under the dictates of others as to where and under what circumstances you as a child might live.

How would you react to the following in a vision?
* the ground opening up in front of you, a wide chasm that swallows what clings to the edges of the chasm, trees tipping into the chasm and ripping their clinging roots, no path or village square safe from such a surprise;
* buildings shattering under cracks that flash across their surface like lightning bolts, falling in dust filled implosions as the infrastructure snaps, and the realization that you are trapped under the debris and your cries are going unheard;
* walls of fire forming and falling from the sky, setting you and others running from beneath it on fire so you become a fleeing torch, no hope of putting out the flames by rolling on the ground as all is a holocaust, and your flesh covered with a sticky substance, fuel for the fire;
* a quiet tsunami rolling toward you as you stand on the shore, evident at first as water rising over walls and rooftops, silently, relentlessly, until the village is covered in water with nowhere for the floating life to cling until exhaustion takes you down.

Sworn to silence not because there is nothing that can be done to avert the calamity, and not because publication would encourage power grabs by Godless communism, the suppression of the remaining Fatima Secret was done for the convenience of the Catholic Church and those who ally with the Church. Just as with the cover-up, where admitting the presence of Planet X in the inner solar system and the likely outcome is inconvenient to those in political and fiscal control of the world, this suppression was done for convenience. Did not those who gave the children the vision intent it to be known? Would those who denied pedophilia in the Church for so long, while allowing it to continue, put the safety of the innocent children under their care ahead of their fiscal concerns? It is for convenience that the vision is suppressed, Sister Lucia a captive in silence, and a frank lie about the substance of the vision being about the assassination of a Pope put forth. Of course there is a reason to reveal the secret. People can chose to limit the size of their families, can chose where to live, can chose a profession or trade based on anticipated need, and in general can plan to love one another with more intensity if they are aware of what is likely to occur.

This does not jib with the Church's doctrine to increase the size of the flock on pain of excommunication if one uses contraceptives, a doctrine which stands at odds with the apparent acceptance of pedophilia in the Church, as apparently is it failing to increase the size of the flock, not sex, that is the sin. You are told business as usual, stay at your jobs, tithe to your Church, remain on the coastlines and crowded into the cities, and support the comfortable lifestyles of the hierarchy. Those in the halls of power in the Church know otherwise, but comfort themselves that nothing can be done to save mankind anyway. Oh? Are they planning to do nothing for themselves? Nothing to place themselves on solid rock and away from coastlines? Such is the love of those in the halls of power in the Church. Are they following the advice of Jesus to love the least among them? Are they following the Golden Rule? Are they warning those along coastlines and near volcanoes or in crumbling cities? Are they allowing them the human right to make their own decisions about where they wish to be, or where they wish to take those they love? It appears the Church is being run by dictators, looking out for themselves, solely, to the end.

The pedophile issue is an example of how the religious elite look out for themselves, and not those they purport to serve.

Vatican told bishops to cover up sex abuse
Apr 17, 2005
The Vatican instructed Catholic bishops around the world to cover up cases of sexual abuse or risk being thrown out of the Church. The Observer has obtained a 40-year-old confidential document from the secret Vatican archive. Bearing the seal of Pope John XXIII was sent to every bishop in the world. The instructions outline a policy of 'strictest' secrecy in dealing with allegations of sexual abuse and threatens those who speak out with excommunication. They also call for the victim to take an oath of secrecy at the time of making a complaint to Church officials. It states that the instructions are to 'be diligently stored in the secret archives of the Curia [Vatican] as strictly confidential. Lawyers point to a letter the Vatican sent to bishops in May 2001 clearly stating the 1962 instruction was in force until then. The letter is signed by Cardinal Ratzinger, the most powerful man in Rome beside the Pope and who heads the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith - the office which ran the Inquisition in the Middle Ages.

Of course, Pope Ratzinger, was at the helm of the pedophilia cover-up,
showing how deep the need to hold secrets within the Church has become.

ZetaTalk: Pedophilia Power, written Apr 01, 2005
It has long been known that rape is more about domination of the weak by the strong than sex. Sexual release, after all, can be effectively achieved by one's own hand, so there is no need to attack another for relief. It is a power trip, and more than just the ability to force another into a subservient position. Those inclined to Service-to-Self often lean toward sadism during their power trips, as this is a test of their power, their domination, over others. If the victim is pleading, this enhances the sense of power. If the victim is torn and bruised, or will have their life destroyed by the act being performed, this again enhances the sense of power to the perpetrator, as in most cases they get away with an act that society routinely abhors. Rape of women or young men, battery, is the first step for those seeking this type of power trip, but the worst of the lot discover abusing children brings a greater high. It is not surprising that child molesters are attacked in prisons, as even among hardened criminals they are considered scum. Thus, to get away with the rape of a child boosts the sense of power in those given to such practices, as they can do, have done, what all of society considers despicable and seeks to prevent. Where then, in all of this, do the reports of the rape of choir boys by Catholic priests fit in?

Secrets have power, in that knowledge empowers a man. Societies that hold secrets thus have power, at least in their own minds. That power can be vaporized if a single member of that society blabs, or so it is feared. Thus, to be initiated into the society, and be privy to secrets the society holds, one must be owned in some way by the society, and this is best accomplished, per the minds of those heading these societies which lean in the direction of sadistic control, by blackmail. It is pedophilia, with absolute proof of the participants involvement, that is considered the premiere blackmail means. In that the church denies its priests a sexual outlet, and many migrate to the church due to homosexual leanings which they are desperate to deny, entrapping those likely to rise in power within the Catholic church in pedophilia is relatively easy, and explains why the hierarchy of the church was so resistant to admitting any wrongdoing in the pedophilia among priests in the lower ranks when it was revealed. The hierarchy, those at the top in the church, are not without shame, themselves. When Catholic pedophila is protected at the highest levels, it is clear many in power are members of this club, hold secrets, and have sold their souls, in essence, to be a member of the club.

Heaven and Hell

Beyond keeping secrets, to serve themselves, organized religion using the threat of Hell and the promise of Heaven, or in the case of Islam, perhaps the promise of 72 virgins, as inducements to following ORDERS from the religious elite.

ZetaTalk: Damnation, written Jan 15, 1996
A common curse among humans is to damn someone to hell, to damnation or its equivalent. Children are warned to mind their behavior or they will likewise be damned. Damnation, as the fires of hell, is spoken of as something one does not escape - one is judged once and forever. Is such a thing possible? Punishment is only one side of this coin, with bribery found on the other side. Be good and you will go to heaven. Both edicts have at their base the desire for control that the religious elite present as rules and regulations. They can no more deliver the faithful to heaven than they can damn them to hell.

Heaven and Hell, or some version, appears in all religions. Nirvana, for instance. Just what is this obsession?

ZetaTalk: Heaven and Hell, written by Jul 15, 1995
Heaven and Hell are described in the Bible and the Koran as places commensurate with the rewards deserved by those who have functioned in the Service-to-Others or Service-to-Self orientation - in the minds of the authors of these books, who in the main were in the Service-to-Others when they authored the books. For primitive peoples, who relied upon fire for cooking and warmth, catching on fire was a known dilemma, and the pain from such an accident not unknown. Thus, as one of the most excruciating pains, and one slow to heal and suffering the injured much pain during the healing process, eternal fire was the worst of the worst. Similarly, the higher one went, physically speaking, the better life got. Specifically we are describing living on hill tops versus valleys, and having the higher campground versus one downhill. As the saying goes, shit flows downhill. Valleys have dampness and humidity, lizards and snakes and insects galore. Hilltops have breezes and vistas. Better yet is what the birds enjoy, high in the skies. Nothing can touch them, and as good as the hilltops are, the skies must be better! Thus, heaven is viewed as up in the skies, and the higher the better. In fact, the just deserts of the Service-to-Others and Service-to-Self are not Heaven and Hell, but to live with their own kind, which is in a manner of speaking, to our way of thinking in any case, a type of Heaven and Hell.

However, to control the flock, the followers, the religious elite describe damnation to Hell as something that will occur unless the church is involved in a rescue.
All of which requires money, and gives the church control over the lives of the faithful.

ZetaTalk: Sin, written Aug 15, 1995
One of the tools used by the religious elite to keep their minions in control is the concept of sin, by which they keep everybody nervous and hold the key to salvation. The rules, such as the 10 Commandments, which guide these matters are almost entirely focused on actions not to be taken and how to stay in line. Apparently, immobilized, the devout will be thus saved from damnation. Who benefits from this? Those in positions of authority within the Service-to-Self orientation, both human and alien. It is no accident that Church and State are frequently allied. Both want to control, to limit independent thought and action, to focus attention away from freedoms by describing the dangers therein. How does this benefit the Service-to-Self? In two ways. First, when humans are concerned more about following the rules and limiting repercussions, they are not thinking about how to help others. One need only be in a crowded theater when fire breaks out or on a sinking ship to see what happens to humans when eminent danger is near. Panic, fear, me first, and all thought of helping others is put aside until the self is safe and secure. It is the rare person, the exception, who thinks of others in these situations, as the treatment and attention these heroes receive attests. They are given awards, even post humus.

How does the concept of sin, as publicized by the religious elite, serve the Service-to-Self? By limiting concern for others. Second, when humans structure themselves around a set of rules they are giving power and authority to those who set the rules and, in essence, giving themselves as possessions to those who set the rules. They are owned. They are not free. Blind obedience does not entail any options or qualifications. Blind obedience is not what occurs when someone runs a red light in an emergency, knowing that Stop and Go lights are simply a practical way of preventing collisions at intersections. Blind obedience occurs when the flock follows the rules, so as not to sin, and lets the religious elite rule on when infractions have occurred. Who will be the judge? Not God, but those who own and possess the sinner. This is all practice for life in the full-blown Service-to-Self orientation. There the pecking order is rigidly established and the rules by which one may be punished are utterly arbitrary. The strong, who set the rules, deciding not only what rules should be established but when infractions occur. Rather than going to Hell because one sinned, one tends to go to Hell because one worries so very much about sinning. Rather than focus on the rules, humans would do well to focus on whether their behavior is helping or hurting others - the true importance of their actions.

Contrast this to what Jesus truly wanted, the practice of the Golden Rule, to see how far organized religion has fallen from the message intended.

ZetaTalk: Golden Rule, written Sep 23, 2004
In the simple words of Jesus, 'do unto others as you would have them do unto you'. Jesus, Mohammed, and Buddha, Star Children all who came to leave a gift of clarity for mankind, all preached the same message. Equality, where 'the least of you' is considered on the same level as the self. Considering ones physical needs, for food and shelter, in a manner that balances concern for what others need, what the goat about to be slaughtered might feel, what the land over grazed or tilled into a dust bowl might need. Confusing, a quagmire of intellectual decisions, if left to the intellect alone. What these great preachers left with mankind was the suggestion that the answer lies in the heart. Before you do something that will affect another, put yourself in that other's place, and imagine the consequences of your action. This is generally known as the Golden Rule, 'do unto others'. Driven by the heart, one will never make an errant decision from a spiritual standpoint. A man in agony over whether to share the meat from his last goat with his starving neighbors, when his own family is faint from hunger most of the time, will find his answer by placing himself in their perspective as well as his family's perspective. What sense of abandonment will his neighbors have, seeing his family feast when they are cramped and weak. What need to throw up walls against empathy for the neighbors will his family require in order to choke down the meal quickly, blinded to the neighbor's plight. He chooses sharing, seeing that damage to the soul is the greater danger, as the physical will in any case pass.