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Tegdown/Ickneild Magnetic Grip

Both these circles have a Vesica Pisces, showing they have a relationship. Tegdown is laid clockwise, the retrograde direction of Planet X, a strong clue. The Ickneild shows a confusion on direction in the center circle, the swirls going both clockwise and counterclockwise. In that the planets in the inner solar system, now halted in front of Planet X, are normally swept in a counterclockwise orbit, and are being crowded together behind and to the side of Earth, the three overlapping balls could be Venus, the Dark Twin, and Mars, the clipped sides of this complex indicating they are pulling in together behind the Earth. Venus has been seen high in the evening sky, not moving between the Earth and Sun as anticipated, and the Dark Twin now close to it. This is outlined in the Orbits section for May. In that Tegdown is laid exactly N/S, this is another clue that a forcing together of magnetic fields with their N/S polarity is involved. The Earth rotates in a counterclockwise manner, like her orbit. It is possible, in the rotation slowing expected during the tightening grip of Planet X, that Planet X may have a rotation also, and this may turn in a retrograde manner. Something radical must happen for the Earth to slow to a stop in its rotation, and this clash may be a factor. Thus in Ickneild we see the Earth in a vise, the planets sharing the inner solar system crowded behind her with their counterclockwise orbits caused by the Sweeping Arms of the Sun urging her into this pattern. On the other side, Planet X, with its retrograde orbit and perhaps retrograde rotation, urging her in the other direction. All this may be a factor in rotation slowing.
Tegdown Hill
Discovered 9/5/04
The formation (at right) is 260ft across, the centre circle is 52ft, the pathways are 11ft. Everything is laid in a clockwise manner, and the Vesica Pisces appears to be orientated exactly due north/south.
Icknield Way
Reported 3rd May 2004
Pegsdon, Herts. Viewed from Beacon Hill looking east, next to Icknield way.
Arcs and spirals that seem to create a type of ancient symbolism approx 300 to 400 ft

A strange looking glyph indeed, seemingly contrived to align accurately with the top of Deacon Hill, which overlooks Pegsdon, and from the top of which it is clearly visible.
It seems to be two interlocking circles forming a figure of eight with another circle inside the first of the larger circles. There is an elliptical 'teardrop' almost like a pendant at the base of the first circle and the symbol is mirror image spirals that are joined above the teardrop and inside the enclosed circle. It was hard to follow the pattern inside without really knowing what I was looking at. There is a nice lay, no breakages, the lay swirls around the formation and changes direction with some laid on top of others going in a different direction. No sign of footprints. No sign of entry. It's in the next field to last years formation.