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Sweeping Arms in Southfield Circle

[Planet X]ís Retrograde Orbit around the Sun is due to its reaction to an energy field emitted by the Sun. This energy field radiates out from the Sun intensely at certain points, like a moving arm, following the rotation of the Sun's core where the matter producing this energy field is located. Where the non-traveling planets are in essence swept along before this intense energy field, like dust balls in front of a broom, [Planet X] is not so trapped. ... [Planet X]ís reaction to this is still a slight movement sweeping ahead of this energy field, but as the energy field passes is then a stronger jerk backwards, away from the passing arm of the Sun's energy field. The backward reaction is due to the nature of the sweeping arm, like the cutting edge of a knife most intense at the cutting edge of the arm, but with more bulk of the energy field trailing after the cutting edge. Thus, as the sweeping arm of this energy field passes the 12th Planet, which in no way could stay ahead of this sweeping arm at the distance it is from the Sun, [Planet X]ís reaction to the bulk of the energy field is longer lasting and begins to produce a retrograde orbit for its approach to the Sun.
ZetaTalk: Retrograde Orbit

Note there are 8 sweeping arms represented in the Aug 8, 2003 Southfield circle, which has been identified as representing the Solstice/Equinox periods. If regular, then an arm sweeps every 6.5 weeks. Indeed, in the Global Quake analysis:

The next 6.5 week sweeping arm then would be on approximately November 14. If one assumes that an arm sweep moves Planet X abruptly along in its retrograde orbit, on November 14 it would be pushed it into the Ecliptic backwash, pushed into the magnetic fields of Earth and Mars, and thus forcing a clash that has seemingly been avoided and delayed!

Post Mortem:

Signs of the Times #467 (Nancy)
Much publicized X Class flares were expected on Oct 24-26 from the Sun, but little reaction in Magnetic Flux! The Sweeping Arms of the Sun were expected to push Planet X and the Earth closer together around Nov 14. Compare the Charts starting on November 9 with those during the much publicized X Class flare dates of Oct 24-26. [Note: the Sweeping Arms prediction proved correct, the X Class prediction a virtual no-show!]
Signs of the Times #472 (from godlikeproduction Message Board)
My digital compass on my watch no longer has an eastward component. It has in either direction been registering either N, S, or W. And when you are supposedly due E it is showing West at 270 degrees. This has been occurring [Nov 15] for 4 days now. [and from another source] I have been watching this chart for a month now. It rises and falls, reflecting the stability of the magnetic field that surrounds the earth. Just this week it started doing something completely different. First it had a kinda siezure, where it looked like a seizmograph, then the red and blue graph lines started going in the opposite directions. The red line is a positively charged pole and the blue line represents the negatively charged pole. Up until now they have appeared to be dependant upon each other, traveling in parallel paths, sharing energy crossing paths but flowing in tandum. Now this week they are each headed in the oppocite direction. I looked back into the archived charts and this is not normal.