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March 7, 2007 Lurch

Observations in early 2007 shows a brief but astronishly extreme lurch in the Earth when the Sun is overhead in Europe. Observations in Cincinati, OH and Santiago, Chilli confirmed each other in this 50° lurch as observed in the night sky. Observations in Madrid, Spain and El Paso, TX confirmed that when the Sun is over Singapore this lean has already started by 20°. Contrary to expectations, it appears the lurch is worse when the Magnetic N Pole of Earth being hidden. Then, to top it off, a reading a few days later showed the lean to the West gone! The Zetas Explain.

CincinatiOH: Feb28 5:00 am. My location is 39° 6'6" North and 84° 30'32" West. I know where N, S, E and West are relative to my observation point. I have confirmed them through satellite maps and photos. Polaris, itself was East by about 50-60°. At 5:00 am the deviation appeared to be maximum. By 6:00 am it was rapidly correcting towards its expected value. It had corrected by at least 10° in an hour. Sun is over Europe, we are in an extreme 50° lean to the West, 50-60°. Magnetic N Pole is coming into view.

SantiagoChili: Mar7 5:30 am (4:30 am Cincinatti time). Santiago. Jupiter was on the mid sky line running directly from East to West, some 75° [up] measured from the Eastern horizon. Skymap expects Jupiter at Azi 63° Alt 69°. This is 27° too far to the East and 20° too high. In a halted orbit Oct 1 position, still too high by 15°. Ophichus seemed to be placed right on the mid sky. Skymap expects Ophichus Azi 15-60° Alt 35-65°. Fully 40° too high. In a halted orbit in Oct 1 position, Ophichus should be Azi 325-15° and Alt 45-75°. Still too high in the dome by 30°. Hercules seemed to start 85° [up] measured from the Eastern horizon, and at some 120° [up] measured from the Northern horizon. Placing Hercules high in the dome in the SE. Skymap expects Hercules Azi 5-45° Alt 7-38°, low in the dome in the NE. Offset by 50° or more. Considering the halted orbit, on Oct 1 Hercules should still be at the same Alt but more to the North Azi 345-27°. Altitude still too high by 50° or more. Sun centered over Greece. Extreme 50° lean to the West. Magnetic N Pole just recently in opposition on the dark side.

BarabooWI: 3/10 4:25 am. Big and Little Dippers right where expected, very spot on. This is essentially the same time slot as the readings in Chili and Cincinati, as Cincinati is to the extreme West of the ET zone, and Wisconsin to the extreme East of the CT zone. What happened to the lean?

PalermoItaly: Mar4 17.45 pm (GMT + 1). Lat 37.21 N Long 13.51 E. Sunset reading: 260° West. Skymap experts Sun at Azi 260°! Sun is centered over El Paso, no wobble apparent! Magnetic North in direct line of sight.

CincinatiOH: Feb28 7:30 am sunrise. Sun appears in normal position. Sun centered over Canary Isl with a rapid correction from the European lean complete. Magnetic N is exposed.

El PasoTX: Mar3 7:10 am sunrise 100° and Alt 9-10°. I have the Franklin Mtns to contend with in West and Hueco Mtns in East. I live in a valley. Sun is early as per Skymap it should only be breaking the horizon at apx 100° at 7:10 am and certainly not above the mountain range as reported. Sun is centered over Atlantic. Magnetic N is exposed.

ElPasoTX: Mar5, sunrise was 06:31 hrs Azi 92° Alt 3°. Skymap expects Azi 97 and on the horizon. Again a tad early. Sun is centered over Canary Is. Magnetic N is exposed.

VancouverCA: Mar1 17:45 pm Polaris 2° too far East. Skymap expects 50° altitude and Steve reports he had to look up for the reading. Sun is centered over Australia, no wobble apparent. Magnetic N Pole just diappeared from view.

CincinatiOH: Feb28 17:30 pm. The evening at 17:30 pm observation of the Big Dipper pointers and Polaris is almost exactly at 0°. Sun is centered over Eastern Australia/ New Zealand. No wobble apparent. Magnetic N Pole has just disappeared from view.

BarabooWI: Mar6 17:33 pm Sunset at 257°, just above the horizon as hills to the West and trees force such a view. Skymap expects Azi 259° and Alt 3°, pretty much spot on. Sun is centered over Hawaii, no wobble apparent. Magnetic N Pole has just disappeared from view.

SeattleWA: Mar6 18:00 pm. Sunset due west, 270°. Skymap expects Sunset at Azi 263°, at the horizon at 18:00. Sunset slightly SW but close. Sun over Eastern Australia. Magnetic N Pole has just disappeared from view.

VancouverCA: Mar6 13:06 pm Sun Azi 193° Alt 35°. Skymap expects 193° and 34°. Sun East of New Zealand. Magnetic N Pole fully exposed.

OsakaJapan: Mar7 12:09 noon. I checked the Sun shadow. Pole length 17cm. Shadow length 14.3cm. This is tan39 40' or 50° 20'. Per astronomical software should be 51°. Sunset time was at 18:00 pm, matching astronomical software. Sun is over Japan. Magnetic N Pole hidden from view.

OsakaJapan: Mar9 12:09 noon. Shadow length 13.0cm, tan 27 18' or 52° 42'. Astronomical software expects 50°. Sun is over Japan. Magnetic N Pole hidden from view.

El PasoTX: Feb28 23:45 pm. The Big Bear is usually just N of Dome in El Paso 20-50°.
Per Skymap, Ursa Major too far East by 35° but considering the halted orbit, Ursa Major just N of the dome, the cup straddling the 0° mark, is correct for the Oct 1 position. The Hunter is azi 270-285° and leaning N somewhat and entire constellation is visable above Franklin Mtns. Per Skymap, 240-260° leaning N somewhat, yes, too far East by 30°. However, 270° is correct for a globe in the Oct 1 position. The halted orbit position! But the hunter belt would be just on the horizon, and this entire constellation was high in the sky, above the mountains. A tilt of the Geographic N Pole to the West, the European position, in the direction of the Hunter, would raise this constellation above the horizon. An additional 10° for below the belt and 10° for mountains is needed to be seen. Thus, 20° too high. Sun is over India, slight 20° lean to the West. Magnetic N Pole fully hidden.

El PasoTX: Mar4 23:25 hrs Orion was Azi 275° Alt 20°. Skymap expects Azi 238-268° Alt 20-48°. In halted orbit Oct 1 position Azi 255-280° Alt 0-25°. Too far East by 20° and too high by 20°. Ursa Major was near the dome, Lip of cup was 10° degrees North and 5° degrees East of dome with handle pointing East. Skymap expects Azi 23-50° Alt 37-48°. In a halted orbit Oct 1 position Azi 0-45° Alt 55-65° cup down handle East. Too high by 25°. Sun is over India, slight 20° lean to the West. Magnetic N Pole fully hidden.

MadridSpain: Mar7 Sun was to appear at 7:41. It appeared at some 7:50: 110-115 º East, when it was expected to be some 90-100º East. Skymap expected sunrise at exactly 7:41 at Azi 96°. A tad late and 15-20° too far East, the lean El Paso notes at midnight apparent! Sun is over India, slight 20° lean to the West. Magnetic N Pole fully hidden.

SantiagoChili: Mar7 5:30 am Moon looked pretty much on the Ecliptic, some 120 - 125° [up] measured from the Eastern horizon (decreasing from Full Moon). Just a few days ago I could see the Moon very inclined to the North, I would say at some 30° measured from the Northern horizon. This meant a very noticeable displacement to the North, from the ecliptic. Skymap expects Azi 307° Alt 50°. Indeed 130° up from Eastern horizon. Moon tends to be South between Full and New. PalermoItaly: Mar1 18:30 pm. Using Compass. Moon is at 79° East. The Magnetic N Pole is almost aligned with the geographic N Pole from Italy, off to East by 2° The Moon, per Skymap, should be 250° SW, Alt 50°. However, if I move that Moon straight North up through the Dome 40° further North, actually through the dome to the other side, that far North, it rides at 75° or so. Moon in extreme North. El PasoTX: Feb28 16:45 pm. Moon is Azi 75-80° and Alt 45°. I could be off on the alt. Per Skymap, should be Azi 68° alt 7°, so too far East by 10° and way too high, well North of the ecliptic. Moon tends to be North these days anyway, all the time. ElPasoTX: Mar4 23:25 hrs Moon was Azi 130° Alt 70°. Skymap expects Azi 148° Alt 42°. Too East by 18° and high by 28°. Lean to the West apparent for Moon too.