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ZetaTalk: Intermittent Lurch
written Mar 10, 2007

El PasoTX: Feb28 23:45 pm. The Hunter is Azi 270-285° and leaning N somewhat and entire constellation is visible above Franklin Mtns. Per Skymap, 240-260° leaning N somewhat, yes, too far East by 30°. In a halted orbit, 270° is correct for a globe in the Oct 1 position. But the Hunter's belt would be just on the horizon, for Mar 7 or Oct 1, and this entire constellation was high in the sky, above the mountains. An additional 10° for below the belt and 10° for mountains is needed to be seen. Thus, 20° too high. Sun is over India, 20° lean to the West. Magnetic N Pole fully hidden.

MadridSpain: Mar7 The Sun was to appear at 7:41. It appeared at 7:50: 110-115º East, when it was expected to be 90-100º East. Skymap expected sunrise at exactly 7:41 at Azi 96°. A tad late and 15-20° too far South, the lean El Paso notes at midnight apparent! Sun is over India, 20° lean to the West. Magnetic N Pole fully hidden.
CincinatiOhio: Feb28 5:00 am. I know where N, S, E and West are relative to my observation point. I have confirmed them through satellite maps and photos. Polaris, itself was East by about 50-60°. At 5:00 am the deviation appeared to be maximum. By 6:00 am it was rapidly correcting towards its expected value. Sun is over Europe, extreme lean to the West, 50-60°. Magnetic N Pole is coming into view.

SantiagoChili: Mar7 5:30 am. Hercules seemed to start 85° [up] measured from the Eastern horizon, and at some 120° [up] measured from the Northern horizon. Placing Hercules high in the dome in the SE. Skymap expects Hercules Azi 5-45° Alt 7-38°, low in the dome in the NE. Offset by 50° or more. Considering the halted orbit, on Oct 1 Hercules should still be at the same Alt but more to the North Azi 345-27°. Altitude still too high by 50° or more. Sun is over Europe, extreme lean to the West, 50°. Magnetic N Pole is not yet in view.

BarabooWI: Mar10 4:25 am. Polaris and Big Dipper sighted pretty much where expected by Skymap. What happened to the lean? Cincinati is almost directly below Wisconsin, on the Western border of ET, and Wisconsin on the Eastern border of CT. Chili is a time zone ahead, so their 4:30 was likewise equivalent to Cincinati 5:30. This lean appears to be intermittent. Sun is over Europe, extreme lean to the West has disappeared. Magnetic N Pole is not yet in view.

Nancy and friends have carefully gathered data to determine where the Earth wobble has gone, as one of the team noted a dramatic change, Polaris far to the East for a brief time in the early morning in the US. In that this is Winter in the N American continent, snow and cloud cover heavy and temperatures colder than normal, there have been few star parties in the hours before dawn. Star parties in any case are normally closer to midnight, with the participants returning home to bed before dawn. Thus, this extreme would only be noticed by those looking for aberrations, and taking every opportunity. We warned months ago that something would occur by Feb 25, 2007 that would take the blinders off those looking to the heavens for a sign, and it has arrived! If the former Figure 8 wobble that developed in early 2004 and tracked by Nancy and friends until mid-2005 seems gone, it has been replaced by another phenomena more akin to a lurch. If the former Figure 8 wobble involved Planet X grabbing at the highly magnetized Atlantic Rift and pushing at the N Pole, what's changed?

An unexpected result from the data gathering Nancy and friends did was the finding that the lurch of the N Pole away from the Sun and Planet X was occurring during the hours when the N Pole of Earth was hidden by the curve of the Earth. If the N Pole of Planet X is swinging to point toward Earth, hosing magnetic particles toward Earth, then wouldn't this push logically happen when the N Pole of Earth is facing Planet X directly? N Poles repulse each other. The answer to this puzzle lies in the way large magnets interact with each other, wanting to either line up end to end or side by side, sharing the same magnetic field, or when unable to achieve either of these positions, to have the minor magnet nose in at a right angle. When Planet X draws close enough to the Earth to tip the N Pole of Earth away, causing Earth to lay on her side in a Lean to the Left and then roll into the 3 days of darkness foretold, the N Pole of Planet X will be pointing directly at Earth. This is not yet the case.

We have described the process of the 270° roll as Planet X swings its N Pole around toward Earth in a retrograde, clockwise, manner. At the current date, this has progressed approximately 137°, not yet pointing the N Pole of Earth directly at Earth, who lies to the left, caught in the cup of the eddy flow from the particles flowing around the sides of Planet X. In this position, does the Earth align end to end with Planet X or side by side? As with all the planets in the solar system, which align side by side with the Sun, the dominant magnet, Earth choses the path of least resistance. It can take a temporary side by side with Planet X, which then lays the earth out in the manner discovered during the pre-dawn hours for the Americas on Feb 28 and Mar 7. This side by side alignment happened, also, at a time when the magnetic hot spots on Earth were hidden from view, reducing contention with the Sun's magnetic dictates. The N Pole of Earth is over the curve of the Earth. The highly magnetized Atlantic Rift is just coming into view on the Western horizon. Where the constellation view in the Americas during such a time, just before dawn, would show a dramatic lean toward the West, the sunball over Europe and Africa would only show a Sun moving from a Southern to a more Eastern position during these hours, then quickly traveling toward the West again. If the Sun's rays are beaming down, how many people bother to note the exact position of the Sun in its arc across the sky during the mid-morning hours?

What of the temporary or intermittent aspect of this lean? Nancy noted no aberrant constellation alignment when she checked on Mar 10 in the same time frame that Chili and Cincinnati had noted an extreme lean. How is this possible? We mentioned when the topic of the 270° roll was raised during the live chats on Jan 13 and Feb 3 that Planet X is simultaneously rising to the Ecliptic and turning in place to point it's N Pole outward from the Sun. We mentioned that rising to the Ecliptic, for Planet X, means that the hose of magnetic particles streaming out of its N Pole encounters a blast of backwash of particles returning to the Sun's middle at the Ecliptic. If Planet X can envelope the Earth in its magnetic field when the Earth's magnetic hot spots are hidden from view, but not when they present, then this grip, at its present distance from Earth and its present progress in its 270° roll, is tenuous. Rising a bit more toward the Ecliptic, and encountering a stronger headwind in the backwash of returning particles, is all it takes to trip the balance back to where the Earth aligns with the Sun's magnetic field instead. What this intermittent lean to the West is showing is the type of gyrations the Earth will undergo as Planet X continues its steady path in the direction of Earth. Things will not be normal, and sudden adjustments will occur.

What does this new intermittent phenomena, replacing the former Figure 8 wobble, tell mankind? That Planet X has progressed in its 270° roll or it would not be in a position to demand a temporary side-by-side alignment. That Planet X has moved closer or it would not have the strength to demand a side-by-side alignment. That Planet X is steadily rising toward the Ecliptic or the phenomena would not be countered by the backwash of particles at the Ecliptic. Given these points, that Planet X will be able to impose the 3 days of darkness on Earth when it turns its N Pole hose directly at Earth. For those wanting to know how much time we have before the press of the last weeks are upon them, we repeat. No date will be given until the establishment shares with the populace what they know about the approaching monster. If they, in their elite perch, are privy to information from the Hubble and probes and observatories, then the least of those among the citizenry deserves the same information. Information is power, and the establishment plans to use their privy information to harm the common man, not help them as is their obligation. Thus, no date will be given until the establishment places the common man on their level, and they themselves are on the level of the common man.

ZetaTalk: Live Chat, written Jan 13, 2007
The speed of movement through the 270° roll is not linear. … Another aspect is the elevation to the Ecliptic, as when slightly below the Ecliptic it can point its N Pole out into space, but when at the Ecliptic, it must hose at an inbound particle flow (that man is unaware of in the main) and this pushes back against Planet X. Thus, a linear rate cannot be assumed. By the same token, rapid movement can happen.
ZetaTalk: Live Chat, written Feb 3, 2007
We reported recently that Planet X was at the 135 degree point. This is not a lineal process, as is it also lifting up to encounter the Ecliptic backwash. This does not mean it will not move rapidly at times, forcing an adjustment in Earth at the same time. These are matters we will not detail at present, as the establishment is to stay off kilter, true karma for the lack of knowledge they give the common man about what is coming.
ZetaTalk: What Magnets Do, written Feb 8, 2004
Earth and Mercury, both with magnetic cores and in close proximity to the Sun, align alongside of the Sun attempting to form one large magnet. Bar magnets, free to move, will snap together side by side to form one large magnet, but planets held apart from each other or their Sun by the gravity Repulsion Force cannot actually touch.
ZetaTalk: Lean to the Left, written Dec 7, 2005
Where the 270° roll ends with the N Pole of Earth pushed away such that the northern hemisphere experiences 3 days of darkness, one can assume an increased falling of Earth to its side, to the left. The Earth will be basking, North to South, in the light of the Sun before this falling to its side rolls into the 3 days of darkness.
ZetaTalk: Drunken Lurch, written Nov 19, 2004
The Earth is rotating around geographic poles, which are offset from the magnetic poles by approximately 15 degrees, loosely up from the S. Pole toward Tasmania and down from the N. Pole toward the center of the Canadian NW Territories. The drunken lurch back and forth will become more accentuated as the slow 270° Roll of Planet X continues, with the tilt of the Earth's N Pole steadily moving away from the Sun, until the 3 Days of Darkness is evident.
ZetaTalk: Hell Unleashed, written Jan 2, 2005
The Figure 8 will become more extreme and vicious as the N. Pole of Planet X swings into view as it turns in place in a clockwise motion, the slow 270° Roll we described in June, 2004. Earth will lay on her side, her magnetic N. Pole pushed to the [side], a predecessor to the 3 Days of Darkness and Sunrise West, laying her hemispheres out for an equal basking under the Sun but putting the Sun and Moon and especially the constellations in extremely errant positions.