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ZetaTalk: Lean to the Left
written Dec 7, 2005

Leading into this Planet X revolves in place such that its N. Pole no longer points almost directly at the Sun but points away, swinging toward the Earth, but this change does not happen suddenly, it is progressive. Leading into this, when Planet X slowly swings its N. Pole round in a clockwise direction, whither the Earth?
ZetaTalk: Drunken Lurch,
written Nov 19, 2004
The Sunrise West occurs as the N. Pole of Earth moves from having been pushed to the West, away from the N. Pole of Planet X which is emerging from the East ... with an Earth attempting to lay on her side.
ZetaTalk: Hell Unleashed,
written Jan 2, 2005
As the N. pole begins to sling toward the Earth, it hoses the massive tail and the debris in that tail toward Earth.
ZetaTalk: Bigger and Closer,
written Feb 4, 2005
The N. Pole of Planet X swings clockwise, while Planet X remains in place, and while hosing the Earth with magnetic particles pushes the N. Pole of Earth away, tipping the Northern Hemisphere of Earth temporarily away during those days. During this slow process, the tail of Planet X, with its many moon swirls and immense dust cloud, emerges at the right side of the Sun (as viewed in the Northern Hemisphere).
ZetaTalk: Tail Returns,
written Apr 7, 2005

We have stated that as Planet X swings in place at the start of its 270° Roll, that it will do so in a clockwise manner, as viewed from overhead as human astronomers prefer to visualize the solar system. This is because Planet X has a retrograde, or clockwise, rotation, in keeping with its retrograde orbit during its passage past the Sun. We have referred to this 270° roll as a slow roll, no time frame for the start or finish given by us, as the finish includes the infamous 3 Days of Darkness moving rapidly into rotation slowing to a stop and the inevitable pole shift. There are many steps along the way, during this slow 270° roll, and some of them have been predicted by us for over a year.

  1. We have stated that as Planet X swings its N Pole to the right, that the Earth will leans its N Pole away from this hose of magnetic particles, in essence falling on its side toward the left. These directions are for a daytime view, from the northern hemisphere. Has this process started? Viewed from the night sky, in the northern hemisphere, Polaris and the South Celestial Pole would normally be dead North or dead South, but if the Earth were falling to its side, they would appear to be increasingly off-center. This observation must take into consideration the increasing Earth wobble, for any given location. Has this increased wobble been noticed, recently?
  2. Where Earth is stalled in its orbit, and caught in the eddy cup of particle flows coming round from the Sun behind Planet X, the Earth as a magnet can be positioned within this eddy cup with some flexibility. To escape the hose of magnetic particles coming from the N Pole of Planet X, the Earth would attempt to move to the far side of the cup, this making Planet X visible to the right of the Sun. Have such observations been made, recently?
  3. Weather wobbles follow the increasing Earth wobble, the Figure 8 so well documented by Nancy from data collected from around the world. Increased atmospheric mixing, as the Earth turns suddenly under this blanket of air during its wobble, results in storms, out of season - hurricanes in the middle of Winter, and tornadoes in snowstorms, and no end in sight! Have such weather irregularities begun?
  4. The increased wobble puts stress on the crust of the Earth, which is affected by the presence of Planet X as is the core. The core and the crust are affected differently, to different degrees, and thus the dictates of the core to the crust create a conflict with the dictates of Planet X upon the crust. Thus pulled in different directions, earthquakes increase, the Atlantic is pulled apart, the Pacific compressed, the stretch zones stretched, and the magma beneath the crust roils into increased volcanic activity. Has such an increase in quakes and volcanic activity been noticed, recently?
  5. The tail of Planet X, no longer pointing toward the Sun but swinging to point toward the Earth, will bring back the debris and red dust that wafted into the Earth atmosphere in 2003. This when the N Pole of Planet X was pointed toward the Sun and the Earth, and Earth, being on the opposite side of the Sun from the approaching Planet X, got the blast. Has this debris, renewed fireball activity, started?

Where will this lead? Where the 270° roll ends with the N Pole of Earth pushed away such that the northern hemisphere experiences 3 days of darkness, and rolling further, the 6 days of sunrise West predicted in Islam, before it stands upright next to the now upright Planet X for a slowing rotation and rotation stoppage and then the hour of the shift. But these occur at the end of the roll, which is a slow roll. One can assume an increased falling of Earth to its side, to the left, and we have already gone on record predicting that the Earth will be basking, North to South, in the light of the Sun before this falling to its side rolls into the 3 days of darkness. Beyond the symptoms, which we have predicted and which have started to emerge, of this 270° roll, what else will occur?

As the excuse for the travails afflicting Earth during the approach of Planet X and arrival into the solar system in 2003 has been Global Warming, or emissions from the Sun or rogue asteroid swarms, how will these excuses cover when the Earth falls to its side? Thus, one of the stresses will be on the fragile cover-up, with the increasingly despised Bush Administration and their lackey NASA taking the blame for the cover-up. Already fragile to the breaking point, the economy will fracture, the banking systems will put their guard into place, along with price controls and riot control, and bankruptcies will be so common as to be pushed to the obituary pages rather than front page news. Our hope is that more obvious Earth changes, unexplained by the cover-up excuses, will bring discussions of the End Times predictions, from all the major religions of the world and from valid prophets with a track record of accuracy, into the major media around the world.

This should, in our opinion, get equal time with explanations of what the common man should do about their coming predicament. The survival information, which ZetaTalk and Troubled Times and Nancy's recent Blog radio archives have always stressed.

Signs of the Times #1519
These photos were taken in West Kentucky on Dec 2, around 4:00 PM. Here is another taken 15 just minutes before. [and from another] This stacked Sun is another type of Second Sun photo, where Planet X appears somewhat above the Sun. [and from another] Three weeks ago I was traveling southwest on US Rte 42 just after a rain. The clouds were still dark but breaking up. At about 5:00 PM I watched the Sun go behind one cloud and just slightly northwest was another object about ¼ to 1/3 the size of the Sun which was visible because the sun was blocked. I assume that was Planet X.
Signs of the Times #1518
Is this Planet X? This first (at left) taken in Goshidai, Japan on Dec 3 at 4:12 PM. The second (center) taken in Tokyo on Dec 3, in the morning. The third (right) in Tokyo on Dec 5 at 4:37 pm. [and from another] Note both morning and evening, a light orb increasingly seen naked eye is captured to the right of the Sun. In the photo on the left, the Sun is off camera to the left. In the photo in center, it is possibly a sun dog but the halo does not appear elsewhere around the Sun. In the photo at right, the tail is shown blowing away from the N Pole of Planet X. As Planet X swings its N Pole around to the right, the Earth is pushed to the left to escape, thus the view to the right of the Sun. As the tail blows out from the N Pole of Planet X, this trash will likewise increasingly come toward Earth too. More fireballs. Per recent Polaris measures (see Sign #1517), the Earth is falling to its side slightly, N Pole to the left, as predicted by the Zetas over a year ago. [and from another] Meteorite turns on sky show for WA [Dec 4] 'The Sunday Times was flooded with calls from many who witnessed the show from vantage points across the state. Shaken witnesses told of blinding light, trembling houses, brilliant colours and fears of the meteorite landing. The spectacular display was seen from Perth to Kalgoorlie and south to Albany, as well as in the north.' [Note: multiple evidence of Planet X swinging its N Pole around to the right]
Signs of the Times #1517
[Nov 27] Sunrise and set of moon ad varying planets tells me that the positional alignment is of whack, hence the earth is a wobbling. [and from another] I´m seeing a slight wobble myself. I have Polaris marked against a large tree in my back yard and it is wobbling to and fro. Some days it´s worse than others. [and from another] Don't know if this ties in, but where I work we monitor the conditions of a very large lake; for some time now I have observed what I believe to be the lake sloshing (we have observed the moon's tidal effect here but this is different) and it appears to be growing more pronounced (water level swings are getting progressively wider). [and from another] Have evidence from Plane trip from LA-NY. 2 suns much in evidence on flight AM630. Pilot said later-not allowed to comment, or loose job. [and from another] It is just incredible that the Astronomical community remains either clueless or deliberately quiet. One would have to be blind to not notice the movement that is taking place with Polaris each night [Nov 28], as well as the longer cycle that is also manifesting itself. Polaris is continuing to creep farther and farther west by northwest with each passing week. It is now nearly 3 degrees away from where it was located each night at the same "reading" time just a scant 6 months ago. My guess is that planet Earth is in serious trouble.