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ZetaTalk: Hell Unleashed
written Jan 2, 2005

We have explained how the Earth Wobble, driven by the tugging on the highly magnetized Atlantic Rift, developed after the Earth stopped in her orbit on Dec 25, 2003 to the extent that it was evident by May, 2004. We have explained how this changed to a Polar Wobble by October, 2004 when Planet X began swinging its N. Pole around, in place, pointing it toward the Earth such that the N. Pole of Earth was repulsed and swung away in a Figure 8 pattern, a pattern dictated by where the magnetic N. Pole of Earth was positioned during the 24 hour rotation of Earth - at times vulnerable, at times hidden behind the curve of the Earth. We have explained that the Earth is also listening to the Sun, the dominant magnet in the solar system, so at times during flux in the flow of magnetic particles coming round the side of Planet X it attempts to align in the old way, rebounding against the push from Planet X to be the opposite of what is expected. We have explained that Magma Slams occur during the Figure 8, as the magma wants to flow round the Earth as it rotates but also wants to align with those elements in the solar system it was reaching for during the Earth's normal rotation, creating a dual flow that has the magma doing a double whammy on the undersides of key plates during the Figure 8.

The Figure 8 will become more extreme and vicious as the N. Pole of Planet X swings into view on its Eastern side as it turns in place in a clockwise motion, the slow 270° Roll we described in June, 2004. What will this increased angular intensity do to the Figure 8 and Earth’s attempts to simultaneously honor the Sun’s magnetic dictates? She will lay on her side, her magnetic N. Pole pushed to the West, a predecessor to the 3 Days of Darkness and Sunrise West laying her hemispheres out for an equal basking under the Sun but putting the Sun and Moon and especially the constellations in extremely errant positions, especially as the Figure 8 continues during this time. The Moon attempts to align not only with the Earth’s middle, which it hugs, but also has allegiances in the solar system, so will be in the extreme North or South, more so than has been noted during this past year. The Sunrise West occurs as the N. Pole of Earth moves from having been pushed to the West, away from the N. Pole of Planet X which is emerging from the East. It hides from the virtual hose of magnetic particles coming from the N. Pole of Planet X, so that as Planet X completes its 270° Roll the Earth is found lying on her side with her N. Pole more to the East, those in the northern hemisphere seeing the Sun appear to rise slightly to the West of the N. Pole as the day begins.

And magma slams during that time, given an increased violence in the Figure 8 of the polar wobble as well as sudden over compensation as the Earth attempts to listen during lulls to the Sun’s dominance? Where predictable during a gentle Figure 8, when combined with an Earth attempting to lay on her side while simultaneously forced into a stronger Figure 8 they will strike not only the southern hemisphere, but worldwide. The syncopation of this music will include the reactions in Earth plates as they suddenly find themselves freed of restrictions, the rock fingers along fault lines broken so the plates can rise or fall, slide or separate, to adjust pressure. In that man understands little of the raft of rock he rides upon, assuming his understanding of the origin and drift of the continents to be correct, he will be surprised. We have promised that the elite would find themselves with surprises going into the pole shift, their plans to entrap and poison or drown hundreds of millions in coastal or river basin cities utterly shattered. They will also find themselves without the safety of their enclaves, in ways we will not at this time describe. We have termed the pole shift the Great Equalizer and this is true in more than one way. No man will be safe, all will be affected, and those aspects of the elite plans, which they assume fail safe, will be torn like a tissue into shreds going into the last days before the shift, to their horror. They will find themselves among the homeless, without shelter, without supplies or recourse, the horror they are smugly allowing the common man to approach suddenly theirs, a perfect karma.