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ZetaTalk: Slow 270 Roll
written June 25, 2004

The pole shift has been described, at its simplest, as the S Pole of Earth being dragged along with the N Pole of Planet X, thus turning the Earth on its head or nearly so, this process stopping before it is completed with a 90 turn of the crust. In that Planet X moves along the magnetic Flow Lines of the Sun as it passed the Sun's S Pole, creating a Tilting and Leaning of the Earth in its stalled orbit, it is clear that neither planet retains an alignment with the Sun during the passage. In addition to the flow lines, both planets have magnetic fields that rotate, in the direction of their respective orbits, which creates a Serpentine Dance entwining their magnetic fields and forcing a blocking of the Earth's field when they clash as Planet X massively outweighs the Earth. The Earth will experience more than a twirling wobble during the passage, more than a simple 90 turn during the hour of the shift, as a complicated magnetic dance is about to ensue, beyond what man might imagine. If the distorted Magnetic Resonance detailed in Herfordshire will result in an 180 reversal of Earth's core and a 90 adjustment for the crust, what steps occur prior to this hour of radical change?

The possibilities range broad, and as we have repeatedly stated, we are not going to be specific until the establishment starts to share what they know with the populace. Thus, the possibilities listed below should be considered speculative, at this time.

And where is the Earth in all of this speculation? More than a twirling wobble is implied. More than a 23 tilt and lean. The Earth's magnetic field participating in a slow roll with Planet X such that no one on Earth could deny that something is amiss. The cover-up, blown apart and shattered, without warning. The panic the establishment hoped to avoid suddenly upon them. The controlled panic the establishment hoped to gain by open discussions on the issues such that the populace is aware of what to expect, and what to do, and when, no longer possible because they had failed to degrade the cover-up and focus rage on the perpetrators in time.

June 15, 2004
June 15, 2004
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