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ZetaTalk: Flow Lines
written June 18, 2004

We have explained that as Planet X approaches from beneath the Ecliptic at a 32 angle and moving toward the Sun's S Pole it Tilts and Leans, first turning its S Pole away along the line of approach, the magnetic flow line on that approach, and then swinging its S Pole to the other side as it passes under the Sun so as to line up with the magnetic flow lines on the other side. At present, these flow lines are causing Planet X to assume a 45 angle from the magnetic alignment of the Sun. This can be seen in crop circles laid down on the same day in Canada and Britain, Aug 8, 2003. Planet X has a retrograde orbit, clockwise, and this is the direction of sweep in the key shaped symbols, often embellished with lines indicating the direction of magnetic flow lines, which tighten as they approach the Ecliptic, the center of the dominant magnet, the Sun.

West Overton: Aug 8, 2003
Saskatchewan: Aug 8, 2003

We have explained that the Normal Alignment for magnets is either end-to-end or side-by-side, so that having a large magnet swinging up at an angle along the magnetic flow lines is a stress on all other magnets in the vicinity, of which the Earth is one. There is a tug to align with the 45 tilt of Planet X, and the normal insistence to remain in a side-by-side alignment with the Sun. The side-by-side alignment is represented by parallel lines along the time line, with a clear indication that Planet X changes position in this regard more than once. The cupped circle, at the ends of the time lines in the Aug 8, 2003 circles above, represents Planet X punching through the Ecliptic where it can at last make a rapid escape from the inner solar system. Does Planet X thus move to align first with the flow lines on one side of the Sun, during its approach, then swing to align with the flow lines on the other side of the Sun as it passes beneath the Sun, then align side by side as it arrives at the Ecliptic, then swing again to align with magnetic flow lines above the Sun as it prepares to exit? What would this do to the Earth, caught in an Unshakable Grip, during these throes?

Manitoba: Aug 12, 2003
Ontario: Jul 23, 2003
Ringmer: Jun 15, 2004

Nancy was quick to note that the dual crop circles that appeared on July 4, 2003 in Wisconsin contain our ZetaTalk Triangle. They also contain the 45 angle of tilt Planet X assumes along the magnetic flow lines as it approaches the Ecliptic where it will suddenly assume a side-by-side alignment with the Sun. Why then are there two sets of parallel lines in this circle? Because as Planet X goes, so goes the Earth, in the Twirling Wobble we suggested would soon occur. It is currently tilting toward the Sun and leaning toward Planet X, a situation that became more extreme over the past few months so that the Sun is in the extreme north, the Sun arc high, many degrees beyond what is expected for Summer in the northern hemisphere. The dance that will occur as Planet X dances past and through the Ecliptic is complicated and full of surprises. Once again we remind the establishment that if they wish to have forewarning on these matters, they are still not sharing what they know with the common man, are still maintaining the cover-up, and until the common man hears our message at the same time the elite do, there will be surprises, for all.

Wisconsin: Jul 4, 2003
Wisconsin: Jul 4, 2003