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ZetaTalk: a Twirling Wobble
written May 25 2004 during the Lou Gentile show

When are the Earth changes, the things going on now, going to become so obvious that there will be no question, no more debate.

It has seemed an interminable time since we stated on May 15, 2003 that rotation stoppage and the pole shift were imminent, but in fact Planet X was just coming into the inner solar system on the other side of the Sun from the Earth on that date. On May 15, 2003, there was a very dramatic view, directly across the Sun. Planet X was more brilliant and more easily photographed than it is now. Then the Earth traveled for 6 months to be meeting Planet X, where it was coming into the inner solar system, and there we sit, for the last 5 months, in a shoving contest which Planet X will win, which has likewise seemed to be taking forever. The view of Planet X is not as brilliant now. If you’re staring at something or looking out of the side of your eye, there’s a difference. You are currently looking out of the side of your eye. It is shrouded in its dust cloud and floating about out there next to the Sun, or so it appears from the view from Earth, at least, so it is not something that you can easily pick out as it is lost in the light of the super bright Sun, part of which is the reflection from that dust cloud. Yes, there are more exploding factories now, global shuddering during the sweeps, but how long is this going to go on? We have inferred, and detailed, that there is an end to this.

Magnets, magnetic fields, are very strong. Planet X is a huge magnet, it is 23 times the mass of Earth though only 4 times the diameter. Therefore, due to its mass, it is a magnet that will win in the shoving contest. What do Magnets do? If you lay, as every school child has been taught to do, iron flakes on a plate of glass and a magnet underneath, and tap that so that you can see the magnetic field lines, you will notice that at the poles, the magnetic field lines are almost vertical, but as you get close to the middle of the magnet, they become almost horizontal coming off of the magnet, and round. Planet X came up from beneath the Sun, at a 32° angle, and as its N Pole is very attracted to the Sun’s S Pole as it is passing, Planet X is slinging its S Pole to the side and is skewed along the magnetic flow lines. This is why the Earth is currently leaning its N Pole toward the S Pole of Planet X, likewise tilting and leaning, thus simulating the seasons where the northern hemisphere gets more Sun, confusing the issue as the Book of Enoch has stated.

Now, this will not last forever. At first, that skew is slight, but as Planet X rises toward the Ecliptic that skewing becomes more extreme, it has a tendency to lie almost horizontal such that the S Pole of Planet X is pointing away from the Sun, and the Earth likewise will increase its tilt and lean. But what happens when magnets get side by side, when they line up together? When Planet X approaches the mid point of the Sun, the Ecliptic, it will decide to become straight up and down along with the Sun, and that is at least a 45° swing for the skew that it currently has. The Earth will adjust, especially because Planet X will be between the Earth and the Sun, and all of a sudden the N Pole of Earth will swing in many different directions as it adjusts itself to this sudden change. We mentioned, in the Whiplash ZetaTalk, that ricochet effects and twirling are possible. Twirling? What does that mean? Why is the cold spot to the west of Hudson Bay the coldest spot on Earth? That’s not the N Pole. What point is pointing away from the Sun most of the day? Are we going to develop a wobble? Are we going to suddenly lurch about so that the Sun is rising and setting in a place way off from where the public would expect? And what happens to the crust when that happens? Imagine the Glasgow factory explosion 100 times over across the world. Imagine the I-70 overpass beam dropping on every major freeway so that travel is not possible except for short spurts locally. This is in your future, folks, but we will not give you the date.