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ZetaTalk: What Magnets Do
written Feb 8, 2004

There were big Global Quakes smack dab at the Face side, the Atlantic Rift facing Planet X, this morning, Feb 8. And there are reports from various sources that we tipped our N Pole even further toward the Sun. What do magnets do when they are held apart by Repulsion Force, moving by momentum, and cannot just snap together to form one big magnet or go end to end?

An Analysis of the solar system and how the planets line up, as magnets, with the Sun shows a variety of positions. Earth and Mercury, both with magnetic cores and in close proximity to the Sun, align alongside of the Sun attempting to form one large magnet. Bar magnets, free to move, will snap together side by side to form one large magnet, but planets held apart from each other or their Sun by the gravity Repulsion Force cannot actually touch. The large gaseous planets, Jupiter and Saturn, are in a Reversed polarity, as we have explained, as they are simply a conduit for the flow of magnetic particles, not themselves magnets. And Neptune and Pluto align themselves with the magnetic flow lines, from afar, as iron ore shavings will do when laid next to a magnet. All the planets being, however, on the Ecliptic and none approaching the Sun to pass by sliding past its S Pole as Planet X is doing. Thus, where the alignment of Planet X to be in alignment with the Sun holds when Planet X, like the other planets, is alongside the Sun, when sliding past either of the Sun’s pole as it passes the Sun, there is likely to be a tilt. How else does a magnet move from being an end-to-end magnet, to becoming a side-by-side magnet, thence returning to an end-to-end posture? It tilts. Temporarily.

During the late December sweep of the Sweeping Arm of the Sun the effect on Earth was that both planets were thrown against each other, magnetically, with the Earth bouncing back like a ball thrown against a wall on or about Dec 25 into a reversed orbit. It also tilted, first the S Pole of Earth pulling along with the N Pole of Planet X as it tilted toward the Sun, such that Iceland temporarily became the geological N Pole of Earth, then tilting back away as Planet X continued to rise toward the Ecliptic so that the S Poles repulsed each other and the Earth, always the lesser in this drama, Adjusted by pointing its S Pole away from the S Pole of Planet X.

The February sweep, assumed to arrive on Feb 9-14 but never precise nor lasting merely a day, heralded itself by Feb 6 with strong Global Quakes and an increased tilt of the S Pole of Earth away from the rising S Pole of Planet X, a consequent increased tilt such that the geographic N Pole of Earth moved further into Mongolia, and the confused inhabitants of Planet Earth saw once again their Sun rising too high or low, with no explanation from their experts. The Land of Oz. The Atlantic Rift is now fully exposed to the giant magnet, Planet X, and by Feb 8 the force of this Face Grip and its anticipated effect on a slowing rotation were obvious. How far might this proceed? Might Planet X flop sideways, magnetically, on its way to the Sun’s middle where it can assume a side-by-side alignment? Might the Earth, in the Unshakable Grip of Planet X, follow suit? As we stated on the Lou Gentile hour update, there are wild cards yet to be played, which we will not reveal, as the establishment is still not alerting the common man to what they know is coming.